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Quilt Group

Last night was quilt group. Love it. Love going, good friends.....lovely evening with prizes, food and of course show and tell and a little tea-towel Christmas swap!

These are the goodies i left with......little baggie of choc dipped pretzels and caremels, quilt note cards {that is definitly planned for another day-i will share it----so cute} and chocolate.
I won!! Everyone brought their cranky and mystery quilt and they took a little note/vote and i won for the cranky quilt {i am not going to tell you that there were only 3 crankies there and 2 were mine.....} I still won though :)

We did a bit of a tea towell exchange. Everyone dropped theirs on the table and then we drew names and picked up a new one.

This is what i brought:

This is what i picked:

so cute huh?! yes.

 Chocolate Quilt.....Take a closer look at the blocks:

Embroidery yuminess

ruffled edging on the pie--So cute!

the cutest little crochet cherries.
and the back:

extra blocks.  so cute and wonderful!!!

Isn't this the best stitched quilt pattern ever? I have always loved this pattern and when i see it i just stand and stare.  Love it--

Take a closer look at the stitchery! wonderfully done.

And here is Angie---and her charm quilt with the scalloped edge. Hand quilted of course ;)
oh, and yes she is the designer of the Chocolate Bliss quilt Pattern and is also one of the designers for Patchwork Posse!

Lots of good stuff at quilt group. huh?! oh, yea.

Next week:  Sale at the Store.....+ another Membership Give away!

****pst.  on the right there is:  Get whosies in the mail---enter in your email address and the post will be sent directly to you! no wondering where i am again. :) Wouldn't want you to miss out on all the good stuff....and i have good stuff. hee hee

Don't worry about missing the Give Away. Still open till Monday Morning.......Scroll down or click here to go to the post. I don't want you to miss out on reading all of those presents everyone is buying themselves! I have had such a kick out of reading them.  There are some goodies in there...i saw a pattern---{no pun intended :)}  there was a lot of chocolate, fabric and a few sewing machines going on. We do love to help the honey's out don't we?! hee hee

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