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Counting the Stitches

Here is a little do-dad heart ornament i finished up! It is all wool and Angie shared the pattern with the quilt group 2 weeks ago....i know, it took me all this time to get that little thing finished!

Until the Christmas Tree is set up it will just have to wait patiently while hanging from the cupboard in the living room.  Love it though...thanks for sharing!

And, just becuase  I need something else to do---no really i do. I really don't mind counting stitches.  I have always been a X-stitcher and normal stitcher and crocheter and whatever sewer of the number sort. I like that kind of thing...kind of like counting the stairs when i go up or down {shhhhh, don't tell}.  So this is kind of a mind relaxer......yes. mmmmmm....why? why? do i need a brain relax?  BECAUSE---
I have sat too long at the computer--It is not my fault though! It is that wonderful surprise that i am trying not to spill coming the week after Thanksgiving.  But, i swear my brain is going to BURST!!!!

I got this great pattern and a few others becuase I traded a few things with Hollandesigns.  Girls, if you want anything in the slipper arena or even the fingerless glove thing you go there! She has some great patterns. For CROCHET too!!! yea!! everyone is a knitter {but me} so finding a liker of the crochet with wonderfully cute and so far easy patterns was such a treat!

Now, my little toesies will be kept warm while sitting at the computer..........

pst--tonight is quilt night. bingo game with prizes...hope i win a few goodies!

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