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You are the Best

I had gotten this little goodie from Janis---a new gal in the 'other' quilt group. No, really that is our name. We did that so when anyone asked ?where did you get/do that? we can say---oh, the other group. They stop asking questions. Aren't we clever? Anyways- she made everyone at the quilt retreat. Thanks Janis! i have finally unpacked a bit more from the retreat and found it recently. i know- so bad, but those things got finished--so they just hung around and waited for me to look at them again. Just a not- you pull the ribbon, but don't untie it. The gum just slides right out. slick and soooo cute! Everones had a different stamp- mine- your the best. yup...i know- hee hee
Can anyone out rightly guess what this is? Let me tell you a little story-short one. promise. I have loved MaryJane'sFarm for a long while now---and just recently she came out with a fabric line. oh, yea. i know! how joyous! one around here carries the line. i even spoke with Joni from Quilter's Haven-
She teased me and said nope- never. Well, guess what?! you will never, so let me tell you. She went to market {I begged, she wouldn't let me come} and went to a little show and tell with guessed it MARY JANE- herself!!!!! weeee She got a bag while leaving just becuase she knew she would give it to ME!!! can you believe? I am lucky! It has some un-stress pills {totally organic}, some wheat noodles, and a little kit for making a scrap hotpad! + the bag! oh my goodies goodness! She totally made my day!

Can anyone beat these friends? Give me a good story...and try.



Blogger Julie said...

Score!! On both counts--and you deserve both. I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever. Julie

12/11/09 7:22 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

it has been awhile--we'll see ya this wednesday.

15/11/09 10:34 AM  

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