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Halloween Scares

We all have our own sense of crazy don't we? Mine would be sewing, stitching, quilting, anything with the sewing machine......this is my sisters:
Scones--mmmm Scones
she did 400 this year! can you believe it? My mom and i cooked and stretched and fried with a bit of help from others. She took them to the treaters looking for the 'usual'.....which for the 7th year now is a nice hot- honey buttered scone, fresh from the grease pot.

oh, they were delish though......i only had 2! {and one was small} What restraint I tell you!!

Jerika {cat woman} and her 2 cousins with some friends.
I am a looser mom and that is the only pic i have. I will have to bum some off of the mom of the other 3. bad mom. bad mom.

A snap from the camera thief: I believe those are silly puddy fingernails.

Lots this week coming up......I have a Sewing busting bee block to show...2 baby quilts... 1 more big time surprise to tell......oh, and of course the winner from: Cupcake giveaway.....Which i will extend until Tonight Midnight.... So go play...


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Anonymous Marilyn said...

Well, I will leave another comment because I really want to win. Those scones sure looked good! We had about 35 tricksters this year, up about 500% from the last two years. Maybe because it was on a Saturday?

Favorite cupcake? A cinnamon roll

2/11/09 7:28 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

35 isn't much....and it's more than before? where are all those kids going?

15/11/09 10:39 AM  
Blogger Whitelily said...

Boy those scones look sinful. I would sure love to have the recipe!

19/11/09 11:00 AM  

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