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Pinkie Goodness

I got some quilting done last week....this is for my favorite aunt. Can i have one? is it fair? well, it doesn't matter because she is....and not just because i told her to look at the blog to see the quilt {she dropped it off and took a plane to Virginia}. She really is my favorite.  really. ok. enough already. isn't it cute and pink?

The backside is a pink and check yummy flannel. so nice and soft. I did a different quilt design on each row. Can you tell? It's kind of busy isn't it?  The quilt is an extra long twin i think. this cute stuff went on forever!
I even did a real binding on it too!!!! i heard that are surprised, i know i was.
 hey jana? you like? :)

This here is the last pair of christmas blocks from the swap. They are from chelsye. She even sent a mini box of chocolate. ...hmmmmm not sure where those went. hee hee

I also got one package from the shop swap. This here is from Arti. She sent baby booties, a soap saver, some fabric {love it}, a pair of earings, and some tatting flowers. I love them all and they be very useful.

Here is the second mini charm quilt that i didn't show yesterday.

ooooo. i can't remember who it was. i totally wanted to give them the inspirational credit for this one. I CLEANED!!! i know. miracle of miracles. I did the boys room. I even wiped the baseboards, windowsil, and shelves. We got rid of 1 big bag of clothes{donate}, 1 piece of furniture, 1 big bag of garbage, swapped the clothes for the winter, 1 fish tank- gone, and hand vacumed the corners and edges. It feels so nice. took 2 hours to feel that way, but i am thinking it was so worth it. 

little steps girls. that's all it takes.

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Blogger Liz said...

That quilt is beautiful! I love the simplicity...

20/10/09 6:41 PM  
Blogger artikaur said...

Hi there, I had fun swapping with you!!! I am soooo glad you liked the fabric- I think it will make some wonderful cupcakes, or even a cute pincushion or two!!!:-)...

Take care, Artikaur Creations...:-)...

20/10/09 6:55 PM  
Blogger artikaur said...

Oh, and I sent you the little tiny tatted thingies as appliques...or you could glue them onto a greeting card...

I am so excited to try out the owl kit!!!:-)...

20/10/09 6:56 PM  
Anonymous Marilyn said...

So Bec,---was I your inspiration for cleaning--and ORGANIZING???? I can be and you can be my inspiration to try to sew faster so I can get a kzillion projucts done fast too. You are amazing!!
:) Marilyn from Get It Together Organizing AKA Your favorite organizing friend.

21/10/09 8:31 AM  

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