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Retreating preperations

I have been busy getting the prizes and goodies for the gals coming to the quilting retreat this weekend.  We have gone up to one gals cabin in Eden for 3 years now and it is fun! This year we are going from thursday-saturday. I know, that is long...but will be oooooohhhhh so nice! I haven't packed the projects i am bringing yet. Still thinking.....thinking.
Anywho. I made everyone a little rolled pin cushion. While they were sitting there oh so cute like on the table i thought....hey- look at how cute that would be if they were made into a little circle flower!

You would just have to whip stitch them together and cut out the bottom in one large flower piece. If you were an adhd person you could color code the pins on each roll, or have needles of different sizes on each roll....i am so not like that, but great thought. :)

I got all the little goodies packaged up too. Wanna see inside?

Scissors, thread, tissue, rolled pin cushion, mints, and a needle case with pins and needles inside.
hope everyone likes the traveling sewing goodies.

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