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So my garden is done. It has frozen :( and so now everything that got needs to be dealt with.

Green Pepper Jelly-
has just a bit of a kick to it. Wonderful with cream cheese and crackers. This is for the honeys family for christmas. There are 9 brothers and sisters {counting him} sooooo this will work perfectly.

Plum Juice
This will come in handy a couple of months from now, when we want to make plum jam. yum, yum.

 Anyone want some?

Crisp from said apples. Jerika made it all herself!!

Still need to deal with these gals + a bunch of green. I am boxing them in the basement so we can eat tomatoes till christmas.

What's a garden without BUNNIES?
I finished the pattern---finally, just had to put the pics lazy am i?
I am in the finishing mode apparently.
Check out the store to get your own hoppy copy.

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Blogger Julie said...

Just took out all my plants, too. I will take some apples :)!!! Have a great day, Becky. Julie

8/10/09 9:35 AM  
Blogger Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Nice and reasonably priced apples are rare down here in Florida :(

Cute bunnies!

9/10/09 12:14 PM  

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