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On the mend

Since this has been my view for the last few days......

I have been slow at doing things girls. sorry. We did make some Bear Bread....

And....I got my wonderful little package from Little T Jane. She was so nice to me.....agreed to do a little trade from the stores......look at the box it came in!!! GO GREEN!!! :) These little books will be going into stockings for Christmas. I's coming! Yikes!

I have a few ideas up my sleeve, so no one go anywhere. I am putting together a tutorial for another pin cushion, and I have a ---what I want for Christmas list--- idea coming up too.
So never fear. I am on the mend and will return with some great stuff!!!!

This weekend is Conference Weekend for us LDS peoples. We enjoy 2 days of wonderful talks about life, love, and keeping our families together in this crazy world. So that means---sewing!!! with headphones or radio near by. WEEEEEE. I don't even have to 'declare' a sewing weekend. I just get one for free!!

I have some tops that i need to get done for others- so those are on the list. I would even like to get some more cranky quilt rows done- so those are on the list......that might be enough. So I will be sharing some sewing stuff also! Can't wait. It has been too long. I hate it when illness gets in my way.

*pst- did you notice the link bar at the top of the page? I know you did. I managed to learn it and then do it! wow. impressed i know. anyways. Don't go pushing it...ok? Well, it won't break, It just puts you back on the main page. I will be fixing that in a hold on. I will let you know when that day comes.



Blogger Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

I've given you an award on my blog

2/10/09 9:14 AM  
Anonymous little t jane said...

oh! i'm so glad they arrived safe & sound and you love them! i hope your children will, too. all good wishes! :D and thanks kindly again!!!

6/10/09 6:21 AM  

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