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whosies--written whatnots: What's that you say?


What's that you say?

That is my reaction to anyone speaking to me speak up child i can't hear you....the ears, plugged. The nose plugged. The chest plugged. Just a bunch of the yuckies here.
I do have some weekend goodies to show off:

Do you see the wool batting? oh, my goodness...i really have to think hard on what to use it on. sooo excited.

I picked up a nice sewing box for a retreat coming up {i am in charge of finding prizes + games}

I also got some cute buttons, and some teacups for a sewing project.--another retreat.

These are a bit kookie--but are new and if i cut it in half and then sew it together again, they will make some nice grocery bags.

I met Kari- from fresh cut quilts. She has some GREAT patterns girls. and she was just featured on Moda Bake shop. Her techinique for doing the half square triangles---pure genious. She donated a couple bags of salvege pieces + 2 1 yard cuts of fabric. THANKS!!!!! she was so helpful with it and i even got to pick her brain for a bit on business sort of stuff....hopeing that picking will continue. It is harvest season after all.

The other things---2 rolls and 5 fat quarters were bought for the retreat too. Not too bad of loot. eh?

So off i go to sleep some more and whine a bit.
At least it will be quiet in my plugged world.......

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