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You Likey-Likey?

I know that you have noticed........the new layout?....the new colors?......the new 'me'?  You likey? I likey.
There are still some more things that will show up. Things moving around. Lots of boxes this blog has. It is some heavy lifting and my back is killing me so i will give it a days rest. {i think the back hurts because i have been sitting---wayyyyy too much}

This next week-----lots of goodies....quilts that got quilted, pin cushion tutorial, a list know. the usual. So make sure you stop on by for all the info and goods.

I do have one thing to share today.....MERMAID PATTERN. You likey? I likey.

I added ponies in the pattern {love them}. She is around 10" tall and 8" wide. She of course sports the shell top and oh, so cute tail.  You likey enough....go to the shop for her pattern.  The pattern is emailed right to you {within 24 hours of purchase} likey that ........

*pst- does anyone know how to use a direct download after payment? Is there a special program? Link? company that does that sort of thing? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

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Blogger Karin said...

Nice layout! And ofcourse that is a really cute mermaid.

4/10/09 2:05 AM  
Blogger Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Adorable mermaid!

4/10/09 9:01 AM  

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