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It only took 6 months

I got some quilting done. yipee!!! I did it.....finally. I have had these few beauties for a bit now...6 months...who's counting? and finally they got their day at the machine.  They are not made by me, one from my mom...2 from some aunts.

This one is a cheater print.....shhhh...don't tell. Pre printed into log cabin blocks. Still cute though. I did a squiggly line on the lines with either a flower or leaf in the center red square.

 I already did one of these---the pattern before. Now, 2 more! I sure hope this is it on the pattern. Not too big of a fan of it. They both turned out cute though. Did some fall leaves and swirlies.  Can't see any of the quilting can you? hmmmm. didn't think about that.

I got the binding done on a 6 month old quilt too---but it Rained----ALL DAY yesterday!!!! so no shots allowed.  

Now, i need to get the pile of older quilt tops and work on those.  I won't disclose how long i have been dragging my feet on some of them. They would be embarrased.

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Blogger Amy said...

You are awesome as quilting! Makes me think of the six quilts I have started :) I left my scrap of fabric for the stash busting bee on your doorstep!

5/10/09 5:41 PM  

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