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All I want for Christmas

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All I want for Christmas

I have been thinking about this Christmas thing for a few days or so. I loved last years---mostly handmade items. I would love to have a repeat again this year. It is a little more thought involved and sometimes can be a bit I have come up with a solution.  How about a
'All I want for Christmas Swap Listing'
 Did i peek your curiosity? Are you wondering what all that is about? Let me'll get it and then you'll love it and then you'll want to play along. I promise....wanna bet? ok. your on.
Let me tell you first.......this is a open swap area. This will be just a listing area....for bloggers and store owners.  You are in charge of making contact on YOUR OWN. Now, don't start complaining because you have to do a bit of work. Keep reading.
If you have something---stuff, goods, supplies, patterns, jewelry, toys, games, clothing, hats, socks, ...that you are willing to swap you will post it here. Do you have a store or blog and are willing to swap items in it?
Do you want/need/desire something? Are you willing to make a swap with someone for it?
Do you kind of get it? Good. You know how swaps see it and like it, they see something of yours and they like swap.  right........u huh. I am just breaking the need to be shy or afraid of approaching. It's been done...they are ready for offers.

ok- here are the rules:
1) you MUST have a blog and or store online- no if's, ands, or buts about it. If we can't see it, we can't swap it.

2) MAKE A POST on your own blog --describing what you would like. Make a list girls! No one knows until you say it. I am not making promises that you will get what you want...but you never know.  

3) ON THE SAME POST--- say what you have up for offerings. What you are willing to swap.  What goods do you have? You never know what others might want. Give them some links, flickr, other blog posts, stores...ect. to go and look at. show it, flaunt it.

4) Come on back here and Sign Up on the linkie at the bottom. Make sure you are linking to the post about the christmas swap, not to your main page! We are lazy and don't want to go on a hunting expedition looking for the goods.
5) Copy and Paste the button and post it on your blog---you want others to trade with you don't you? This is how they will find all the good stuff. {i am still working on this}

There is NO deadline.  This list will be up F O R E V E R.....good for reference later when you need birthday presents....hmmmm.

Now you can--go to the post {use link button} and find all the swapper goods. You go on a little town tour and ----oh, look at that.......find something you like? Contact them. See if they are willing to make a trade.  Now, i am kind of figuring that if you are on the list you are willing to play along. We are all doing this is good faith of one another...and it is for Christmas NO FLAKES!!! you will be in big doodoo if you are one. So just don't be. ok? In my minds eye- I am thinking this is for ready made really you don't have to do any work for it...just swap what you have or are willing to do/make if you need.

Are you in? Would you like to give it a try? Let's see if this works---shall we?
I will be posting my list watch for it!

pst--does anyone want to help me out here? I have tried and tried and i can't seem to get the button maker to work! ugh.! Here is the picture:

I have this posted in my flickr and photobucket, but nothing will work! It keeps adding little symbols on the side and then can't find my page. Can someone make me one? I should have put that on my me if you can help me. thanks :)



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