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All I Want for Christmas --my list

So I will be the first to add my name to the list. I have given this some thought......but really had a hard time figuring out 'what'. I am hoping the swapping list will grow so i can go shopping. Sometimes you just need to see it to like know?  The list might give me some more ideas and see some great stuff out there.  I am thinking that because it is still October too......but, better sooner than later :)

I am thinking of these things for the kids:
- nice drawing journal
- portable drawing kit
- doll accessories
- hair accessories
- jewelry- neclaces, bracelet, rings
- barbie home accessories

of course this list will grow. But I am trying really hard not to overdue it. :) whatever.
ok. now for what you get......

Here is the list up for swaps:
* patterns- quilt, dolls, bags, misc
* hand made dolls, bunnies, doll quilts,
* pin cushions--doily walnut stuffed
* pin cushions--rolled wool
* quick stitch- kits or patterns alone
* kit for in the leafy treetops quilt
* hand made bags, messenger bags
* pocket people + carriers

Check out the SHOP for more goodies. Anything in there is up for swaps!

Now, do you see how it's done? Go do it yourself....and then share it with the rest of us. Hurry up would ya...i got a bunch of swap stuff burning a hole in the pocket.



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