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whosies--written whatnots: Here I go again......


Here I go again......

on my own......going down the only road i've ever known.....

That would be the road to retreats. Boy, this month was a great one wasn't it? Sewing, Quilting, and Retreating!!! Overflowing with goodness, and friends of course. So this is the place out in Duchesne. Way in the middle of nowhere---but what does that matter when you have good company, and your sewing machine along side? I think i went outside twice. Once when I got there and once when i left. hee hee.

For some reason i only have this picture of the girls. There were 5 of us, so me and the other--janis... are hiding.

ok. really there was an additional lizard who decided to take a little swim in the sink. Does he count? He didn't bring his sewing no. he doesn't.

I wore my comphy pants and my snuggle soft slippers. mmmmmmm

Take a look at the bed. I was all snuggled in goodness. A num, num, num, num......cookies...

Speaking of numminess. My mom has been collecting these for me from a local quilt shop- one for each month. I had a pile waiting to be done....and i done them!!! yay!! cupcakes!!
I have more nummies to share, of the quilting related items, but no pics yet. Soon, soon.
Goal this week: quilt, quilt and then quilt some more!!!! I know, i have sewed, sewed, and sewed some more and now i have a pile of quilting. So i must now quilt.  So don't miss out on seeing the goods.

Speaking of seeing the goods......guess who is going to see the Free Pattern Goods from the store?
That would be
Who guessed: 60
I will be emailing you the reminder. yay for you!!
Now, i know you are all happy for her, but are dying to know how many little rolls there were in that jar. How about 82!!! I know, everyone was so low. Not sure what happened there. I am sure that if you were able to hold and admire and gander just a bit at the jar that you would all get it right.

I only surround myself with smarties.

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Blogger AwtemNymf said...

I rmember that song! And now I have it stuck in my Head! :O)

Hope your having a great week! I'm mailing your Annie out today! :O) I will email you the conf. # soon k!


27/10/09 12:42 PM  

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