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whosies--written whatnots: Last Week Updates.......


Last Week Updates.......

This one is a family one.....i have to sneak it in. We did a bunch--so i have to report about it.

now you see them...

now you don't

and their back! lovely fall leaves in the front.

Went on a beautiful hike in the canyons on thursday....What a lovely day!

We found some extras: Heart

Changing colors

love again.

 a little owl---or pig. you choose.


Went to the art display at the Davis Art Center in Bountiful. Fasestidious was on display.

Oh, yea...there i am!

Friday night----REGINA SPECTOR!!! weee. It was a blast!! Jupitor One opened for her and then they played in her band for her too. They were great! FUN! did i say that already? Well, it was. She was wearing the cutest dress ever! She is great on stage...sounds just like her. {sometimes it doesn't you know}

So there ya have it! the week in a short review.....Today----teaching fabric postcards to a quilt group! Fun --it's going to be! A little bit of a trunk show too---with the postcards. Easy to haul! yay!

I also got some quilting and some binding and maybe if i am lucky i will share a new pattern with you tomorrow........will i be lucky? or really will you, i guess?

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