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Swappity News

I am behind in swap reporting! ugh. with costumes, life, my own sewing fun stuff.....i haven't bragged about all the wonderful goodies I have made...I mean, that i have recieved....hee hee. no really. I got some good stuff. 
Annie is first! Isn't she just the sweetest? I sure thinks so. and she even smells yummy!!!  She came with a few nice tissues and a box of dots-candy corn. mmmm. + some candy corn buttons. if you didn't notice she has a candy corn wand and dress, and a wonderful tutu! I am in love with her. she is just perfect from her candy corn varigated hair to her tassled shoes. Thank You!!! Done with the wonderful Aunt PittyPat Swap. She is the queen of Swaps.....wanna do a christmas block? go on over and sign up. I am doing the brights--out of the normal.

Got this great little batch of goodies.......from Tracy {no blog}. Great fabric, reading, eating, and smelling.  Perfect for a night all by myself.

I attended the last meeting for Utah quilt Guild!!! yay for me!!! new adventures are in the mix.....This was my year end goodie bag. Useful everything. Just in time for cleaning, and note taking, and of course Yummies!!

This little bag is from Marilyn and Cindy. I lended space in my freezer for their frozen turkeys.  They will chat it up with the other turkey ----don't go there.

The cutest chocolate package ever!!! and yummy.

Lastly- here is my block for  Amy month.  My block for the Stash Busting Bee

It got dropped on her doorstep, hope she likes it!!!

I have a bit more sewing to do....and finishing up the Swappers Angel Projects....I am a few days late on that one.

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Anonymous Marilyn said...

We really apprediate your generosity in keeping our turkeys. Saving those 40 Cents plus per pound sure adds up. Because of the turkeys we had to buy a freezer--so that was $287. (How much did you save on the turkeys???)and then a place to put the freezer so my hubby now has to put in a 3 prong plug and I have to re organize where it is going and where the stuff that was "there" will go. I'm so glad we saved money on those turkeys. And thank goodness for Becky letting us store them with her lonley turkey.

I'm glad you like the chocolate bar and bag!! We saw those bars in NZ and cracked up laughing over them. No, your isn't old, I bought it over here.

4/11/09 10:25 AM  
Blogger Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Your new friend Annie is so adorable! I love her in all her candy cane glory.

4/11/09 6:49 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

she is cute and the freezer is so hard to share :)

15/11/09 10:38 AM  

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