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Save your applause for the end

Did you watch the latest Superman movie? The one where he returns back? There is that one part that gives me the goose bumps. He saves the plane and lands it in the big baseball field when it is full.....then he steps out and they stand and applaud. I love that part! I mean who doesn't want that kind of thankfullness and ooooo's and aaaaaa's sent there way on a major scale as that? I am pretty sure that will not be happening in my life time, but i can get it in little spurts. Can't i? Sure, wanna see?

This here quilt got finished! I mean the quilting done, the binding- done. It is time to resume it's real life calling as a----extra large cape {no pic, but believe me it was a bit cumbersome}

Super Hero centers---

Superman borders. I think he loves it. I did it as a block of the month pass around sort of thing- last year ugh.... Every month you get something new to make and send on to the next gal.

I got this little string keep done. It has a walnut shell Pincushion sewn to the top part to keep it from slipping off the table when dangling, like this:

See how handy?

It's all empty and ready for some snipped threads to be tossed in by Wendy--my sister in law.

Just recieved this little package of goodies in the goes along with these:

Of course....this would be part of the secret and i can't share.... I know i promised, but i can only work so fast girls! settle down. I have set a new goal for the reveal-----the week after Thanksgiving. Everyone will be overstuffed and ready to settle back down- even for just a week before the christmas mayhem starts.
So watch for for it....
Until you can applaud the secret i will take just a bit of claps on these babies......thank you...thank you...

{Do you need some applause too? Bring it on...share it and we will give it!}

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Anonymous pendant lights said...

Great ideas!

17/11/09 8:47 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

thanks! i love to share them....nice to know you are interested.

18/11/09 12:07 AM  

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