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Gobble Gobble...

So the day before Thanksgiving and what would i be doing?  Cooking---of course.  Isn't everyone else around here?  I happen to be making some turkeys with the kids-----yum

Apple Pies for the family parties....

Good thing Thanksgiving isn't at our home--

That would be a compressor on the dining table. Only there a couple of days---had a friend who's dad took apart their beetle bug van engine and it sat on their table for 6 months! lucky for us - the honey actually needs this for work and picked the part up for it today. phew. Still doesn't mean Thanksgiving will be here.

And lookie what i found-

Betz White designed Kleenex boxes....oh so cute! Not the price, but the box. Might have to up-cycle it into a little wrap jobbie....tissue coming out of the top. Hey, that might be actually kind of cute don't ya think?
Must hurry and use them all so i can have it in time!

sniff, sniff.

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Anonymous Deanna said...

I love the boxes too! You could put a small strip of paper across the bottom to cover the Kleenex name- and write your "To" and "from" on the strip of paper. I'm trying to upcycle mine too!

30/11/09 10:12 AM  

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