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Pixie pieces....

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Pixie pieces....

This week i have a few sewing things that need to get done. First up - 3 pixies..... they will be joining a bunch of materesses to become princess and the pea!! what a great idea! I will have 3 extras for the shop. So If you would like are in luck. I need to finish them up and get them dressed, first. I don't sell nude pixies girls-
Also one the sewing list this week:
 apron for a swap, 2 tea towells with cute embellishments-christmas swap,cupcake hotpad
some christmas ornaments...{any ideas?}, boy i thought there was a few more...i could have sworn! hmmmm have to think about it i guess.
Not much of school stuff going on this week- i think that makes the kids crazy! + there is snow outside and so it takes 1/2 hour to prepare for it---so of course they don't want to go out. 

{tell the truth, neither do i}



Blogger cindi said...

I can't wait to see what all your projects will look like when completed. The pixies sound magical.

23/11/09 10:10 PM  

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