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Pins and Needles

Hey lady---did you know you have a pin in your shoe?
It is the sort of question noone ever asks---not sure why....does it compare to the 'hey your zipper is down, you have something hanging out of your nose....did you know your trailing toilet paper?, let me grab that dryer sheet sneaking out of the pant hem....
Apparently it might be in that catagory--noone said anything, and 2 days later i notice.

So there ya go.
It's like a secret weapon---at least it's in the rubber of the shoe and not in the toe of the slipper. eek.
it's like a traveling pin cushion. :)

Remember yesterday when i couldn't remember what else to add to the sewing list- well, i remembered and then i sewed it---- Custom hotpad:

Cute stuff--- now off to finish the others i do know about....

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Blogger Jingle said...

Holy CUTE! That hotpad is adorable! And I must admit that two days with a pin in your shoe is TOTALLY something I would do! LOL! I like the secret weapon idea, though...hmmm...something to ponder! LOL!

25/11/09 5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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25/11/09 9:15 AM  

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