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Make it yourself- gosh

I have decided that Starting today and for one week there will be a sale!!!!
All the patterns in the shop will be discounted to ........
$ 4.00
  I figured that it is getting a little bit close to Christmas and to make things a little more affordable to others and to help them use up those fabric scraps/pieces I have made the patterns cheap! That way you can
'make it yourself----gosh'  
All the patterns are e-patterns. So they come right to your email! Isn't that handy like?  They will arrive there after payment and within a few hours of payment! Plenty of time to get that extra bit of sewing done.

So click on over to the shop and see what there is.....there might even be another surprise when you get there.
Want some teasers? --just in case i don't pump enough of all of my stuff your way--here is some extras!

Give me a bit of time to pick the winner and announce it! Check back later on today for the big reveal. I got stuff to do and it will just have to wait--- oh, stop complaining. you can do it. :)
oh, and thanks!
Thanks for playing along. There was a lot of good stuff out there to try and win--i appreciate you coming by and checking in on the goods and being supportive of Patchwork Posse

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