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Ripping Sheets and other strange events

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whosies--written whatnots: Ripping Sheets and other strange events


Ripping Sheets and other strange events

Do you think these are finished?

Are they done? Have they had their day? Just for the record this was on the honeys side of the bed at his feet...maybe he runs in his sleep.  He rolled over {wasn't making any moves--come on girls} and R IIII P!! we were like--what?  Then he said --do you think you can patch that? hee hee. I got the best giggles!  So newer sheets have been put on and i better pay attention to the thinning this time.

And since we are on strange events -let me tell you another.....
Last tuesday we needed a sub for the soccer team. So i say to the neighbors daughter who plays {wonderful keeper by the way} you wanna come and play? She says sure! Now, i should have known something was going to happen...every time we have asked a sub to come they have gotten hurt! Wracked wrist, gotten screamed at, know. So anyways. She comes. She plays wonderfully and then......pop.  yup, i heard it, the people on the bleachers heard, i think i just broke my ancle was her first words as she is laying on the ground. what?
Long story- sorry. She goes to the doctor the next day- yup BOTH BONES!!! what the?  and a spiral crack on the ancle. What? oh, my!! So one surgery, 2 pins, and 1 plate later she is better. As better as can be. sitting in the recliner watching t.v. and crocheting for the next 6 weeks!  She has been a good sport and hasn't rubbed my nose in the mess i made :) thanks amber.

So, would everyone go on over to her etsy shop
and take a look at her crocheted items. She has VERY CUTE headbands!  They are very reasonably priced- so you could buy one or two, because really---- what will she do with that big pile of headbands while she is sitting there recovering and crochetting, crochetting and recovering?
thanks girls- i know i can count on you. :)

Just since i'm sharing wierd anomolies......i had to drive down to the corner to pick up someone because their tire fell off!!! i mean really. all lug nuts- gone. what? in fact the tire had rolled itself across the street into the gutter. poor sister-in-law.  it just isn't fair that car things happen to girls is it? why does it then? Her husband came and i ran up the street {to my home} and got a no work jack-sweet! and he jacked it up and then put the tire back on {there were some definite flats spots on the rotor--like when big wheels skid too much} and then we had to use a coat hanger to keep the rubber flap from catching the tire because it got all twisted up weird like. 

What do you think? Anything weird like happening around you? Maybe it is 'in the air'. Share it!! I wanna know if you can beat those. :)

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