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Round 2 & Making a List

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Round 2 & Making a List

Last night was the second Christmas dinner party for Quilt Group!! We did a teatowell exchange also-round 2----i don't mind, my home has lots of areas that need a towell.  i tell you! Here is the one i sent:
oh man, no photo. It was cute too! it was pink with a cupcake on it and a cute fabric strip in it. sorry about that. But here is the one i left with:

I have some wonderful show and tell too!! How about a finished cranky quilt!!! i love these. This group was so fun to go along with me and actually finish them. All of them have turned out so cute!

Do you want to make your own? Click here
There was also 2 of these chocolate quilts:
oh my heck isn't that just cute?! and yummy?!
Want to make your own? Click here.

We got some goodies ....they were all decked out on the tables cute like.

a wooden snowman, a little bowl with candies {can make a pin cushion inside it} and a bag with a neat story and a bell and come candy! they made the tables look all festive and stuff. Very nicely done!

Julie also gave me an extra little goodie for doing the Cranky Quilt. some gloves -just in time too! i put a pair on and the thumb had a hole...and some yummy lotion. i love that stuff don't you?!
I have some more Show and Tell. Not my stuff, but wish it was...

Kaeffe prints. isn't that just super cool?!

old maids puzzle. There are two blocks of each pattern and then one of the one pattern. Tricky...we might be doing this as a block of the month in the local quilt group next year! i would love to!!

Simple and wonderful all together.

The gal that we had the dinner at had some great decorations and little things i just really liked.
 So i am sharing them!

These stocking looked needle turned. I don't do that....but there are other methods-

She had random doll beds with mini quilts on them, of course! i might have to steal that one and do it myself. I love it!

And of course i had to sneak a pic of her sewing shelf by the chair.

Sometimes i feel like i am snooping through the bathroom cupboards, but come on we are all girls here and it is nice to see it out and i am sure that it gets used- alot.

Speaking of some great patterns---
I am compiling a list of the best patterns so everyone can have a 
"Make it yourself"
homemade Christmas!!
I have my own, but want to share what else is out
Do you have a
pattern/tutorial to share?
Is there a pattern/tutorial
that you found in the web world that you love?
 Want to pass it along?
These can be either
patterns to buy,
or free tutorials.
Send me the link of the pattern and a link for you.
You can also write a quick summary of the pattern.
Feedback -don't we all love that?!
I would love to include them
and give you credit.


go on do it now! i want it all. 

{i can be greedy like that} hee hee

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Blogger Laura Bray said...

I love that chocolate quilt! I've just started quilting and am getting addicted to it! Just what I need, another craft to become obsessed with! Happy Holidays!

17/12/09 12:52 PM  
Blogger cindi said...

Oh my heck is right! Tose quilts are all gorgeous. Especially like the XOX one.
Merry Christmas.

17/12/09 6:51 PM  

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