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Kitchki Pin Cushions

I saw the cutest small porcelein, kitchki -is that what those type of things called?, vintage pincushions...... at a boutique recently and thought---those are sooo cute! I really wanted one, but missed my chance to buy one and so here goes - Make it yourself!

You first need to shop the Thrift stores-  or maybe your grandmas house or where ever you can find a nice little collection of porcelein containers. They can be really anything. Just think- will this hold a stuffed little ball of wool or cotton? I went for the glass, porcelein ones. There is a lot out there right now that are resin, but i don't like that look as much as the glass kind. If you think it can work - get it!

Here is my stash before the transformation. They were all under $1.00! can't beat that!
There were the 3 that had no lids on them anymore. The 2 little teacups are handpainted and signed! that is kind of fun. The little boy- I think he is a flower container. The chimney stack will soon be stuffed! and the duck- just so 1980's especially with the bow! but he has a hollow back and soon it - he- will be stuffed too! hee hee

After picking your favorites out and bringing them home you need to stuff them.

Stuffing: I used that wonderful wool stuffing that i got at the garage sale. It is soooo dense. You can really minipulate it's shape, much different from polyfil.
Outside: I used felted wool sweaters. I thought that they might look a bit cuter than cotton in these. You really could use whatever you have on hand though.

I cut the wool and then sewed two edges, turned it right sides out, and then stuffed it! I stuffed it a lot! Then i jammed it into the holes, making sure that the seams were underneath and tucked in the sides so only a smooth top showed. If it didn't make a nice rounded hill, then i would remove the tube, stuff some more and go jamming it back in again. I didn't use any glue {at first i thought i would} and they stayed in their place pretty good.  {I think really because they were so jammed with stuffing} I think also that the ones missing lids had an edge on the top {where the lid would sit} so that helped keep all that inside. A smooth side would definitly not hold the cushion down and in.

See what you get when finished:

His chimney was very deep, so i left the green flower {i can't think of that name--} stuff inside and just jammed the top bit full of the wool and wool stuffing.

I decided to just leave his bow and add a red pin cushion.

So, if you are in need of a cute and quick little sewing present....go take a look around....and make yourself a little something. Share it if you do!!

I have a few of these goodies in the Shop---if you don't want to hunt and stuff.....

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Blogger Sew It Up! said...

Very cute idea! Makes me look at little objects in a different light.

22/12/09 12:18 PM  
Blogger Jeana said...

I just love your idea. I collect old pin cushions now I can make some out of my old kitchki. Thanks for sharing

22/12/09 1:24 PM  

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