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whosies--written whatnots: October 2008



Hope everyone has a
great and happy halloween!!
The 'goodies' have already started to flow into the bag. While picking up some milk at 4 this afternoon and being irritated by all the cars---right in front of the store---i realized it was for a TRUNK OR TREAT!!! the kids got all dressed up and off we went back to the store, stood in a line and traveled to all the trunks and got some booty.

Big line in front....the same size behind us!

See the scary frank in the crowd?

It's voter JOE!!

Off we go to main street for store front tricking and then to a chili cook and then to another friends yearly halloween party!! busy, busy...good thing tomarow is saturday...but alas, no sleeping in for those late autumn garage sales.

I finished quilting a quilt and will show next week after i get it bound.

HAve a great day with no stomach aches.....



Slipper Mania

I picked up some fleece the other day for some slippers for the kids.....really should have kept these for christmas presents.....but i have a problem hiding, and then keeping them that long. So here we go.

I searched the web for some free slipper patterns. I found a few, but finally ended up with this one. It is for little feet so i printed off the pattern and then enlarged it at 160% to get the pieces the right size. (I kind of just enlarged it enough that the botton was the same as the bottom i wanted to use...make sense?)
I only used the back and the top pieces from the pattern. For the bottom i traced one of their own shoes for the pattern. Then i followed the instructions and tada....nice little house slippers. I used fleece for all the parts and made sure that the stretchy was the direction i wanted...the top is going across and such. I doubled all of the parts so the bottom is just a bit softer.
They were pretty quick to make and i am thinking that around christmas time they might just need a new pair. Something soft and yummy to put into their stockings. Maybe something in christmas colors.

Here is a close up.

It does have the elastic around the back so they stay on nicely. I cut my elastic to 9" just if you needed to know. I made 3 at size 1 and one at size 2 (should have done this one a bit larger). There is some fleece for me so now i need to make my own pair.

Everyone is happy and enjoying their slippers. They had races this morning on the wood floors.....who can slide the furthest? Is that why they call the slippers?....because they are slippery

oh- i thought i would mention that i didn't use any interfacing. just straight fleece. easy. any questions when making your own...ask me...i'd love to help!



Cupcake WINNER


I stuffed all the names into the hot pad and picked one out...........
IT WAS....

yay for you. Now everyone go and take a peak at this gals blog. She has some great ideas that I constantly 'borrow'...ok I guess i copy.... a lot.... But her favorite thing is cupcakes!!! Give me an email as to what your address is and it the package will get on it's way to it's new home.
Thanks everyone for playing along. It was a lot of fun to put the patterns together and then to share them.
There have been a few comments made onto my etsy store that there are buyers out the for the hot pads. So I am thinking that there will be some popping in there this week. One pair is finished and i have some extra time today to maybe get a few more. I'll update you when they are all done and pictured.
I have a few more things in the always. And i of course will share them when they are finished.
Just thought i would show off a few packages that we got this weekend.
1st up is Jarom. He got his package for his book swap!! David was his partner.Check this out. He is in boy heaven let me tell you! The book was Hank the Cowdog and his pirate adventure. So everything was pirates stuff!!! little pirate boats and dudes, pirate candy, war card game, then he got Hank (couldn't find him for the pic---is lost in the blankets on his bed) and some dog stickers- just like hank.
He loves it all and is sharing nicely with his brother...who is still lingering around looking for his package.

Jerika got her book swap too. Lucky her! Kelsey from NY was her blog.

She got the Dragon Rider book + a wonderful dragon fabric bag. Black inside with a pocket even. Perfect to tote around her goods. She got a book light. She loves to read at night so this is great! and then a little dragon and a cute kitty cat book mark-- you can barely see it at the top of the pic.
They thought this was so fun to do. They loved putting together their packages, and have loved what they got in return. Great job guys. 2 down.....2 to go.
oh, by the way....we sent all of ours friday and they should be arriving shortly. I forgot to take if they show up some where i will share.

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Who is Whosies?

I am a stay at home mom of 4. I love every little whatnot that you can sew, create, and share with others. I have been sewing and stitching whatnots since the age of 8.  I am a bit older, but the fresh love and desire is still there.  Here is where you will find all of the whatnots that I currently have an interest in.

Do you have your own whatnot to share?

Email:  whosies and whatnots @ yahoo . com
Phone: 801-529-8074

245 east 900 north
Bountiful, Utah 84010



Final Day Friday
That sort of sounds 'dooms-day-ish' ....but it's not!!
yay-- It's a treat day for someone lucky.

Would you like to know what is in the bag????

Well, for our lucky winner we have
1 nice butter yellow apron with a cupcake pocket.
4 co-ordinating cupcake napkin rings
a yummy cupcake tea towel
1 extra sweet hot pad -matches the apron ;)
and of course I will include the cute bag for packaging sake.

This is a close up of the back of the hot pad. i didn't show it off yesterday.

It is double sided!! even more frosting yumminess.

I hope everyone had a great time following me during cupcake week. I will pick a winner on monday so stay tuned. Keep leaving those comments to get more chances to win.

I just wanted to mention that the pattern is over in my Etsy shop for purchase. I am thinking that this week in celebration of cupcake week i will give a little discount.

They will be on sale for $4.00 Enjoy---good thing these are calorie free!





What is this? you ask...why it's a super delicious....
HOT PAD!!! ouch...ohh..

One size fits all.

Great for sticking your whole hand in or just doing the pinch.

Tomarrow is the big giveaway day. Don't miss out.
Leave a comment and your name goes into the big pot.
I will show off tomarrow what the goodie package will include.
Of course it will be a nice collection of what you
have been peaking at this week.
I will be picking a name on monday.
That was a 'faux' pick up of a hot pan.
But that just makes me think that I would
like to cook something....something yummy or course.
Of i go to add some heat to the chilly home.





Everyone needs some of these at their table setting.

Don'tcha think?

Button embellishments with wool band to match.

Don't forget the pattern is coming and the drawing on friday!!





There is the
short & squattie
the tall & skinny.
Put them by themselves or grouped together for extra yumminess.
Whatever your little heart -or stomach- desires.
Use striped fabric for the paper cup, or give it a few stitches.
Embellish with some buttons or just use some cuter than cute fabric
for yummy frosting and sprinkles.
Remember to leave a comment for extra chances to win, tomarrow will bring another yummy addition + the drawing on friday!




I have declared it
Would you like to join me?
This week i am going to be showing off a cupcake a day.
They will all be sewing related items--- for kitchen use.

Cutest cupcake pocket on an apron.
This pattern has a basic apron + the cute cupcake pocket!!
This is what it looks like on with the hand in the pocket. nice...
On Friday I will be selling the group of patterns together in my shop.
Plus...there will be a drawing for a set of these. One lucky winner!
Just leave a little comment and i will add your name to the pot.
Every time you leave a comment i add another one in.....max---1 per day please.
Check back each day for another item in the pattern group.
Off I go to eat some of those hot frosted cupcakes before they all get licked by the kids!



Calling all Quilters

I went to this garage sale just this morning......YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!
It was 2 pees in a pod. They are designers that are local and were having a garage sale. Such great deals. I spent $20 bucks on all of my loot. I of course had to run home and let everyone know in the blog world of my goodies....

I was thinking (while i was shopping..woman...can do 2 things at once) who should i call????Julie?? she is gone, Mom?? she is far away, Angie?? don't have her #!!! oh......I tried! just means more for me!

Wool felt----my new collection will just love the additions.

1/4 were .25 and 1/2 were .50
Then there were bags of scraps for me some of those too. oh, i got one with 5" blocks...loaded. Did a swap last year, these will go in with those for a nickel quilt.

Check this out...finished stitchery $1.00 plus the pattern! Now, why would i want the pattern when it's already done....still taking it. oh, and they had bigger bundles too mostly $1.00/yard. Got this cute pink 30's print for a project.

The book collection.....3 crates full. I picked these 4. The needleworks one has some CUTE pin cushions and needle cases.

Now, i of course wasn't thinking all of myself. I was thinking ---christmas is coming---and i will need some little things for the swaps that we do in the groups. So of course i can accomodate those (not that i couldn't before) and cushions, little mug rugs, needle books...they are all good for the giving!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and can find some goodies for themselves.... it is taking everything in my body not to drive back up the hill to go and find some more ........



Idol time?

Do you have any idol time? Not least lately. Of course that would be my own fault. Now, i do find that i don't have much time....because i am sewing and stuff in between everything else. My evenings are the best time for me to sit and do whatever i would like.

I thought though that when i watch the t.v. i should be doing something too. (i have a hard time just sitting for a long time). This is what i came up with. Crochet. I used to do A Lot of this 10 years ago....haven't done anything for awhile.

I picked up this little book at Joannes that had a few projects in it. It has a pattern for a hat. I have never done a hat before....and one with ribbing! New to me!! I figured it out and went for it. Take a look:

It fits her just nice.....might try it again. The pattern doesn't have you do it in a circle though and so it has a seam down the back. I might try tweaking it just a bit so i can do it in a round......hmmmm
Went to quilt group last night....was ALL excited...a trunk show....nancy But, alas it stunk!!! We sat in the room. There were examples on the table in front of us. There were a few books (last years christmas one)....most of the ladies had it already. The gal presenting it is her stuff, cute huh?, oh, is that cake?.....walkes off...look at it at your leasure.... At my leasure? i wanted good instruction on who is she? is she utahn? yes... How long quilting? things like that. I wanted to touch, oooo, aaaaa, over it. nothing. hmmmmph. I was there for a total of 1 hour...that was shopping in the store time + wandering time +show and tell time + gabbing time... :(
I did find a few things that caught my eye:

Cute gift bags. Made out of a tea towel. Appliqued then a handle added or a pull ribbon that was threaded through the top. No need to do finished's all done for you!!

There was a gal that showed off her "2000" quilt. yes there are 2000 blocks in there + the wonderful applique border. whew. not sure if i should make me one of those. 8 years late...but looks like she is still on time :)

Just thought i would share some spools of thread that i picked up at the salvage store today. The back 2 are wool blends and the front is cotton. I might try another warm hat or something with those. Of course while sitting in front of the t.v.



Obsession Sneak Peak

It seems like i have a lot of sneak peaks huh! Well, here is another one.
My mind has been busy for some reason. It has had a lot of little ideas going on. I did the Quick stitches...those of course are still going. Do you ever get like an obsession? one that just won't leave you alone until you check out all the books at the library on the subject? Read everything else on it? Look at all the store made items? Wonder about construction? Tricks? To do's and Not to do's? well----this is one of those things. I have done it all and this is what i have come up with.
---These little ones:

(Yes that is real snow!! It is even taken today

when it snowed on Saturday night!!)

Not to give too much away...they are around 14" tall...and are still getting 'outfitted' and such. There will be more to share when they are all done!! Still deciding what to call them......any suggestions?
P.S.--go over to pigtails and snails to win a quilt--as if i don't have enough...i need to collect others!! yay!!


Tote Bag Swappy Goodness

I got my tote bag last week.
It is from Jackie. Thanks for the bag and goodies!!!
I have of course already used it and love it!! It is tall and fits patterns/magazines great. It has the inside pockets for my pencils (they won't be lost any more) and is really just the perfect size. not too large, not too small!!

nice pockets...oh, yea. Cute fabric too.

Cute thanksgiving pattern. Just in time to make something before the holiday....hee hee

Look at the cute needle book with the tiny rick rack! and then the 'salt shaker' pin cushion. too funny. Just to let everyone know---there is a soda cap on the bottom so it can stand up all by itself. i really need to remember that down the road. i am always running into, how to i do that....moments.
I have no blog for her, so if you're out the Jackie...leave a comment so we can all take a peak at your craftiness...if you have a blog.

Mine is getting on it's way this week. I will share later after they recieve it.

I have also been working on some other 'projects'. I am hopeing to have them done by the end of the month so they will be ready for Christmas.....sneak peak tomarrow.



Crazy Bat Lady

So, why didn't anyone leave a little comment saying: crazy bat come the link doesn't work? It has been what --2 days and i am thinking everything is grand. mmmm, not so much! It has come to my attention that when you clicked on the click here button it took you to my etsy shop....then you thought...i thought that this was free?? what???


go to the previous post or you can just link it here.

Try that.....better? (If it isn't someone tell me.)

crazy bat lady.

Well- i of course have done my 4th bat for the kids (that would be because i was the only one with the pattern) so here it is. I was at first afraid of going away from the 'traditional' halloween colors, but i thought what the heck. This is what i came up with. I think i like them in all kinds of spooky colors. I put it over in the flickr group too, again i am the only one posting there too;)

I also have been finishing up a couple more of the Quick Stitch Patterns. They will be over in the shop later on today.

See his acorn just at the right bottom?



He has a pocket in the front to collect his acorns!!!

He also has a wonderful floppy tail to help keep him balanced.

Rocket and Aliens

I guess it has a astronaut too. This rocket can stand on its own with a tinsy amount of manuevering along with it's alien and space boy astronaut. They are around 2" tall with the rocket being 5X3. They are currently residing on a scary, rusty, speckally outdoor area ready at a moments notice for anything that looks adventurous.

Go check them out at the shop. Make your own adventure!

I have some other things that i am working on -----not quick stitch patterns---- but something just as fun. At least to me. Of course there are things i should be quilting and getting ready for the present season...but i'm not. oh, i did get my cupcake swap done last night and i did this one cupcake pot holder.....oh, my, goodness.....i will show you later.

Now, don't go call'n me a TEAS'N, CRAZY BAT LADY......