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Obsession Sneak Peak

It seems like i have a lot of sneak peaks huh! Well, here is another one.
My mind has been busy for some reason. It has had a lot of little ideas going on. I did the Quick stitches...those of course are still going. Do you ever get like an obsession? one that just won't leave you alone until you check out all the books at the library on the subject? Read everything else on it? Look at all the store made items? Wonder about construction? Tricks? To do's and Not to do's? well----this is one of those things. I have done it all and this is what i have come up with.
---These little ones:

(Yes that is real snow!! It is even taken today

when it snowed on Saturday night!!)

Not to give too much away...they are around 14" tall...and are still getting 'outfitted' and such. There will be more to share when they are all done!! Still deciding what to call them......any suggestions?
P.S.--go over to pigtails and snails to win a quilt--as if i don't have enough...i need to collect others!! yay!!


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