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Sewing Fills my days.....and....

I just thought that i would show off a little of my garage sale finds. They aren't anything spectacular or worth any great amount of money, but they work for me.
I got these little tin containers. Sort of like an altoid container. This guy had a bunch of promotional stuff at his sale. My sister had given my mom one for her birthday just a few weeks ago. way cute. She had put a little mini scrapbook inside of it. The pages fanfold out and everything. The top decked out with cuteness. So when i saw these i thought that I could try that, but in the quilting world of course. A new craft magazine (i read these at check out) had one of these that had a mini quilt inside. Very cute and tiny. I am thinking that i have the button swap coming up and need a container for the buttons! I know, great idea. Can't wait to mess around with it and get them all 'souped' up.
This i picked up for 10 cents!!! boy, i love it when others are ready to get rid of their unfinished stuff. I myself have had two, yes 2 classes on Needle Punch. Still, i have no project finished to show this. Do you think this will pass? I am not sure if i will keep the life is good bit......maybe, maybe not. It even came with the frame. score.....just as long as i don't keep it and then sell it because it was an 'unfinished' project.
This cute thing i got also. The old man was having a garage sale...he sat in the garage with his head in his hands. He wasn't sure about getting rid of his stuff. I took all of his tools out of it and paid him for just the box. I have set it in the center of the table in the piano room (that is where we homeschool) and conveniently i had these ice buckets and they fit 4 across PERFECTLY!!! they even have the little handles so you can take them out and 'carry' them anywhere you need. How great is that? One for accesories- calculator, dry erase markers, erasers, pencil sharpners, then one for crayons, colored pencils,and markers. PERFECT!!
Honey asked.....weren't you going to paint it? um, no. i love the dings. plus, it's for the kids and what are they going to do? ding it. yup.
These were sent over by AMy -my neighbor- hi amy....I thought they were pretty funny. Scary how much i can relate to them.....why is it an illness though?


Blogger Julie said...

love it!! julie

24/9/08 7:37 PM  

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