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Accomplishments! whooopieeeeee
Yesterday i got all the things i wanted to done!! projects that is. hee hee.
The first one is from Crazy mom QUilts. She has been doing a presents for Christmas sort of thing and this one i loved. Except i of course did one for myself.

I went to Joann's and picked up some cork board. Cut it to the size of strips i needed and then used the mounting stickie tabs they come with to put on the board i stole from the outside garage (thanks honey), wrapped it with some fabric and voila!! I didn't use any batting. not sure if i need to, seems to be ok.
now we can pin up all of those lovely pictures that clog up the refridgerator front.
I put it right above the computer area that we have and it looks great!

i got some scriptures at a garage sale last week. Spent a Buck on a triple combination one!! yay---what a steal!! but with that steal comes someones name imprinted on the front. Now, if it was our name i wouldn't mind, but the daughter is 11 and doesn't need to answer a lot of 'whos that' questions. So i thought lets make a little cover for it. nothing fancy. no pen/pencil pockets. just a simple slip book cover. nice.

no more name questions for you babe.

We were out in the back, the kids taking turns on the 4 wheeler and who shows up? the ambulance!! I yelled out at the kids to stop riding --i hadn't seen who it was-- and thought...they are coming to yell at us about riding, blah, blah, blah...but look IT's the BROTHER!! yes, the clown, parade going, nugget the chicken lover brother!!

Now, i know everyone is saying....who really cares...but i had to share something with you. Blow his picture up big and read his name tag. He really should write a book about his adventures being a paramedic fire man. He has some crazy stories to tell. The last one (let me share just a bit) the lady was high on nic. patches or something and she didn't like his attitude in the ambulance. said he was mean, said he wasn't she called 911 when she was in the ambulance with ----911!!!! So i am sure that the name tag is really because of that. funny. had to share. after a quick visit he was on his way to save the rest of the world. one patient at a time.

I sat down last night to sew on something (of course it would be a new project) and i thought--- you can't do another project until you finish something. So i dug out (literally) the string quilt and ....finished it!!! put the outer border and pieced the outside. I think that i really like this one. I am going to give it away to my sister (missed her b-day). That way i can visit it anytime i would like :)

Tonight was raingutter ragatta for the cub scouts. This is Jarom's 2nd meeting. what a start. he did really good considering he couldn't pucker because of his sore lip. - i have to cut his food into tiny bites--He had fun and did a great job. Go Scouts!!
oh, speaking of scouts it was Eliza's first day at Daisy's and Jerikas 1st meeting of the year for Juniors. Busy scout day here! Ammon is the only one left out :( might have to find him a program or something.
Well- i think that i have some sewing time tonight. Tomarrow. Quilt group!!
I finally have my strawberry swap ready to go and will send that plus Lucky Lucy on her way to Belguim.

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Blogger Julie said...

Great idea for the cork board--and I love the quilt. See ya tonight--julie

17/9/08 4:35 PM  
Blogger Chocolate Cat said...

Love the scripture cover, what great fabric!

17/9/08 5:52 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

That peg board is a great idea. When I finally get around to making curtains for the office I think I need a coordinating one just like yours for kid's art work... Thanks for sharing

18/9/08 5:41 AM  

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