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Da........ day

I have to first appologize for the following language and also for no pictures. as you read on you will find out for both--
Let me tell you that really the day was lovely. It was a busy one, but very nice. There were a few moments though that it was declared a 'dammit' day. Let me explain---
We went to the state fair today!! Do you have your camera the honey asks? why yes, of course.
1st picture to be taken....batteries are dead.
The whole day of fun....snakes, snapping turtles, crocodiles....(all at the reptile show) no pics. The siberian tiger pics. the extra fried foods no one on earth should really eat...nothing. Kids hauled through all the animal The honey realizing how large a pig can actually get. nope. see how this goes?
Called my mom- it's her birthday today. Whatcha doin? oh, i want to come!! the honey drops me off at the Museum of Fine Arts at University of Utah building. We go in to see the Spectacular exhibit they have going on. all the great artists are on display. Monet, Dega, Dali, The guy who chopped off his ear, Picasso....all the good ones you know. Well apparently the rest of the state wanted to go today also.
What they are sold out of tickets? we have to wait 3 hours for the next session?
Ok. Lets walk down to the next trax station (train on tracks going through the city...handy). Oh, we should beable to go this way. What happened to the side walk? Hope the train doesn't come while we are walking on the tracks.
Things just continued along its way and there were many more Da..... moments but i will spare you all.
Of course there would be no sewing involved in todays activities.
There aren't very many of these kind of days out there. Ones where things don't really go wrong. You can adjust pretty easily to the changing senarios, but you just need to say ...... you got it.....Dammit.

OH, I am supposed to pick a winner for Lucy and her Lucky Leftovers!! I am thinking that later might be better.
This is where you say...... da..... :)


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