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whosies--written whatnots: It's alive!!


It's alive!!

Finally after fiddling for a few minutes longer than i wanted- i asked the honey. he told me where to go to retrieve them. yay!!

Really i think that the problem is that it knows it is being replaced..... :( i got one today in the mail, but when i opened it up-----surprise----no cable for the battery charger :( so i can't use it yet until i figure that one out.hmmmmm..... hopefully before our next little get away-friday- it will be up and running and i'll be able to show it off!! It's PINK ---hehe, you'll love it :) The honey has his own and doesn't like me using this is what i got. Pink. he won't touch it.

I have the picture of the quilt top. I think that it will be fine as is. There is one white border that goes all the way around followed by a scrappy boarder. I think that will be good. I do have a little bit of fabric left over. I always have such a hard time using these for the backs. i always want to keep the extra for "something" else later. now i have quite a bit of extras for "somethings". I might just have to start using them on the backs.
Really the top goes together pretty quick. easy enough.
Here is the sewing kit we got last week. I don't think i shared it. Jerika was really pleased with it. Her favorite is the purse. Mine- the chicken pin cushion. Even has a little tail!! There was a needle book stocked, some thread, hoop, a scissor case pattern and felt, some fat quarters, and an older daisy maker. haven't tried that yet, but it does make some cute little flowers!! might have to do some for a little project of some sort.
There is really no reason to point it out. i know that the picture is upside down. I however took the picture from the upstairs (best advantage) and it was all drawn upside down to me, so i thought i would turn it. notice that they are all water related...that the shark has a little fish in its mouth on the left---might be a little too bloody for some-sorry----
I went to a quilt meeting today (one i have never been to before). jumped in on what they were doing. They were being shown how to embelish your quilts. Sequence, Glitter, Beads...ect. It was kind of fun. Did a little project for it. Might throw it into the pile for the give-away. You know #100!!!!
until then--have a sparkly one....


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