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oh, summer summer.......da,da,da, daaaaa

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whosies--written whatnots: oh, summer summer.......da,da,da, daaaaa


oh, summer summer.......da,da,da, daaaaa

wait, i think that is refering to a woman....hmm....well, i am just talking about summer....the season.
We got back today from Bear Lake Utah!! boy was it nice. sunny, windy, some good raspberry shakes, family fun, and lots of olympics.
Here are some great shots of us and all of the fun:

Peanuts of course enjoying her time too.

Traditional sand burial and removal--grandma helping.

some water volleyball. guys, everyone should do really is a bunch of fun! i was playing too, but had to take a break for some pics!

little guys with the floaties.

hanging out in the shallow end. lots of little warm pools all over.

ok, so there was just a bit of a wind problem. this is the 3 eating their lunch!

Just a quick little shot of the brother. Check out his Michael Phelps!!!

We of course (by the persuation and purchase of the kids shirts from grandma) took family pictures. They really turned out stupendous!

This is what they look like after toooo much time in the photo still department:
Now I have time to do a little sewing this week and then, camping next friday---again! busy, busy....
I got done what i took to do and can't wait to share. later though, the washing machine is knocking....must be all of those towels.

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Blogger Nedra said...

Welcome to quilting bloggers. There are now 28 of us from Utah. You have a great site! I'll be visiting often. Nedra@cactus- needle

23/8/08 6:29 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Looks like a great time. The more I learn about Utah, the more I think it looks like an intersting place to visit.

23/8/08 12:03 PM  

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