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Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!

This is what we did on Friday....(i am a little behind in telling)

I got the idea from Betz White . She did this and i thought, hey, we should try this!! I am a big copy-cat if you haven't noticed!! So i cut the ends off of the bottles, the kids grabbed an old towel, cut it up, rubber-banded it on and voila!!
your own personal snake bubble blower!!
Now, I would suggest going to the dollar store and stocking up on some major large bottles of bubbles. I couldn't find my biggest bottle ever, so we were left with putting some little ones together. These babies soak it up and quick and i think they would have been more impressed with a better--or endless-- supply of it.
It was fun though, and they enjoyed it ----if only for a brief moment. I think they tried impressing the babysitter that night with a low supply of bubble juice. :(
The oldest wasn't so impressed (infact, she claimed light headedness from blowing so much), but the little ones liked it. Can't please them all? can we now?!
Hmmmmm...what can i do with the snakes?!!! Need you really ask?
TADAH!!! I think he even said he had a beard like Abraham Lincoln on the 4 heads!! they did learn something!!
I thought i would share Sunday dinner with you all. This is what summer is all about!! Food from your own garden or from the locals!!
From my garden: appricots for the drinks (did make some jam-yum too), cherry tomatoes, (can't see) cucumbers, green peppers, and yellow squash.
From the co-op: asperagus, potatoes
mom brought sliced ham...It was a really great dinner.
I belong to the food co-op and I love it!! the veggies and friut are fresh and wonderful, and the meat is from some great local meat guys. There are many different ways to order and i love getting the harvest share. All Fruits and veggies, + some lovely bread!!
This week is full of real-estate stuff and so I haven't had much time for sewing. :( How sad!!
I did get a great big bolt of batting from a friend who gets a great deal (thanks for sharing friend) and so that means that i should quilt some when the hens and checks...well you know, pressure is on!!
Pressure can be positive.....can't it?!!! I need to go and tell that to my honey......

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