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Who You callin' a fat quarter?

I have waited for a few days (the whole trip) for this fat quarter to arrive!! Need i say more?

This is from the greatest fabric printer EVER!! Go take a look. Here is Aunty Cookies blog and then you can peek at her etsy shop. Ohhhhhh soooooo cutttttte. Maybe even buy a little something for yourself. Tell all if you do.
Whipped up these two guys today for our neighbors. They took care of the bird, chickens, duck, fish (2 little tanks) + cat for us while we were gone. oh wait, i forgot the garden, the grass + the little burm on the west side with new plants in it. boy that was a lot!! so, i made some cupcakes and did these 2 little guys for the twins. They are such good helpers and just turned 2. oh they are cute. They always run out of the house yelling (nicely) "no-no chickens".
This here is a little project we did today. got the idea and instructions from Whimsey Love. Check out what else she has done with them. i need more crayons!
i am not sure what happened though. i think i needed to stir them. they still had some solid ones in the middle of them and i think that is what made them crack. or, they cooled in the freezer to quick.....not sure which....
they break easily at the cracks, so now there are little pieces again.....
hmmmmmm...need to cook them again.


Blogger nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Hi Rebecca!!
Cute fabric!
Bummer about the crayons---I'm not sure what happened, but my guess would be that maybe they froze too quickly?? I'd try again & let them cool longer before sticking them in the freezer.

26/7/08 1:21 PM  
Blogger susan said...

oooo love the fabric!!
hmmm fabric envy is not pretty
sweet little softies for the twins!! do you have to stick them in the freezer? i remember making them when my teen was little and we just let them cool on their own

29/7/08 12:23 PM  

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