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1 Extra Holiday per year

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1 Extra Holiday per year

This is the swap!! it was waiting for me when we pulled back into town. Check all those babies out!!! What to do.........hmmmm.... i can feel a sewing day announcement coming on again!!!

Look at that assortment and colors, and patterns and .....everything!!!
I am jumping ahead just a bit. Haven't gone through the photos and decided which to share. Sooooo I am giving a glimpse of what we did today.
Now, living in Utah you are subject to 1 extra holiday each year!! That would be the 24th of July. Pioneer day!! There are parades, parties, park gatherings and rides, and ohhhh so much more!!!!

Check out the family......waiting for the 1st float to arrive!

This happened to be our view for a good 10 minutes. This cart guy made a bundle!! Oh, don't miss the paper mache Obama guy in the background.....looks lost in a republican state.

This is what it is alllllll about. Thanks to those pioneers who walked, and walked, and walked, and walked.....

I think it is a rule that you should know at least one person in the parade? right?!

This is our 1: My brother. Yup, the clown....yup, the fireman clown...yup, BOOTS!!

Isn't he just "FAB?"

I think they snuck that little road runner bird on the top just for me!! hee, hee... gives me the giggles.

Take a look at what peanut snagged from the tree this big claw was thrown into!!! RARRRR

There was at one point a little panic..... peanut went missing. she was last seen lounging on the arm of the chair, and then.....gone........5 minutes later she was spotted in the neighbors area, suspicous. i didn't ask questions, i just tucked her into the front pocket for the rest of the parade.


Here are the monkeys eating some ever sticky, but yummy pink sugar loaded cotton candy!! what carnival doesn't have this nutritious stuff? once a year is good for me!

Last, but not least to the most fabulous day:

Each had to take a ride on the horse: such professional rodeo-ers!!


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