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whosies--written whatnots: LITTLE PACKAGES



I got a package on my front door!! I love packages!! I won this from amy blog. This package was small but loaded!! Check out how cute:
A lovely pile of pillow case remants along with some other cute vintage prints, a bunch of ribbon and lace embelishments (love the little birds), a few button packs, and some cardboard card embelishments. I will definitly be doing a few new things with these. I did open it all, love it, and then made something.....but i can't share until i deliver it. Maybe tomarrow.... :)
I spent part of the day at my grandma's home. She is planning on moving to another place. Not an assisted living place, but a sort of like it. She has her own room and they provide meals for her. Anyways, i am helping her go through her stuff. She was a sewer back in the days and had a nice little (bigish really) collection of ric-rac. She said i could have it if i would like. Of course i would like!! So check it out:
These plastics are loaded i tell you. Ric-rac is on skinny boards and they are all side by side. They are arranged by color and then sizes too. She has really skinny stuff that is way cute. I snatched up an embroidered pillow front in the blue and green. Pretty cool. I think i am putting it in the front with the other stuff on the bench. Cute. Lucky me.
I thought i would show off the saturday pay offs from garage sales. Here is the little embroidered doilies. Those little flowers at the right are tight, big, french knot flowers. cute.
I love the indian crocheted finger puppet. It has long braided hair. funny...This is going to a collector of finger puppets. I know she will just love it!!
I'm trying to keep up with it all. I have 2 weeks until Girl Scout Day Camp!! yikes....i am just checking up on the last minute details and such. Every little thing takes time. Sometimes, too much time!!

I got up a little early today, sat at the sewing machine first thing (it was sort of nice) and sewed up all the little paper-bag scrapbooking books. I will do a tutorial on that for you. This is a great way for little kids to "make" their own books, and to collect whatever they choose.
Here is the Big pile that i ended up with. 115 of those guys!!!
Here is a close up:
Last thing..... if this little kitty sage isn't living the dream....sleeping in the sewing room!! On the warm iron board to boot...mmmmmm


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