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The Allergy Fog

I am not sure what to think of this "allergy" that i have. It gives me feavers, headaches, and all that good old fashion "luggies" (sorry if this is gross).... Really though, it isn't nice. Can an allergy mutate? I think that this is what has happened.

With all the fog going on i haven't done much sewing.

We are packing- to go on another camping trip!! yay. We are going up to Idaho to Rock City. Should be fun--i really don't know about that, haven't ever been there. We will see... hmmm..

We were lucky this weekend- We got ourselves a pop-up tent trailer!! pictures later-sorry. Nothing special, something cheap. But it is clean, compfy, and sort of pinky too. Now listen here, i'll have everyone know that this is the Honey's doing. He complained about camping last time (i really do help set up and stuff--so it wasn't because i didn't do anything). He has come to the realization that he likes camping, but not really in a tent. So, we have gotten one for ourselves. Thanks President Bush for that little extra money!!! So off we go to see if it really works great or what. (who am i kidding, of course it will be great!)

I needed of course to show off a few things before we took off. Now, a few days ago- in the middle of the day (naptime obviously) I happened to walk into the living room and caught this:

So I guess first: that explains the whole --the front room basket of plants is dying, why? maybe it's time to get rid of them.... and second: she really must love the outdoors- don't ya think?

I had to give these guys a formal welcoming too. they are all "square pegs". They are to go with the kids when we travel this summer. They are thier trades. Now, i am missing one--he has mysteriously trapped himself in the trailer outside....he was a lion, but somehow he looks just like Mr. Tumnis in Narnia---just wait, you'll see.

The first is a Bunny, then a Kangaroo + a joey in her pocket, and then a dog. Aren't they so funny? The bunny is a little bigger than the others. Didn't really pay attention to the cutting i guess. I started also with just doubling the fleece on the legs, but the last 2 kanga, and doggie, i stuffed. They are around 4 X 5- so not that big, easy to pack and cary. I think though that i have them down, and "get" how to do them. Man these things are just fun to make!!

Here is their backsides. They really are one of a kinds. So far everyone likes them---the kanga and doggie haven't been seen yet. what a nice suprise in the car when traveling don't ya think?

I do have some other great news:
Check it out! She got her apron ---and bonus...she likes it! How fantastic is that?!

I need to go and mop the floors ---since everyone is asleep--- and finish packing all the "stuff"....we'll see ya all when we return =)

wax on, wax off....

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Blogger Vashey Fam said...

I got my softie! She's so fun! Thank you Becky. Your new square pegs are're so creative. Have fun camping!

3/6/08 10:04 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Becky, I lived close to City of Rocks--been there, done that, you will have a great time and your kids will find rocks and more rocks that they will JUST HAVE TO HAVE!! have fun--are we still on for Friday? julie

3/6/08 7:01 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Ohh, I forgot about the cat--that is so hilarious!! Plants and fish--he's a little stinker--but too cute!!

3/6/08 7:03 PM  

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