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Rain, rain---go Away

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Rain, rain---go Away

That is totally how i felt while camping. We went up to City of Rocks, Idaho for 4 days. It rained and was windy for 2 1/2. We had one wonderful day of nice weather that we were able to sneak out of the wet camp and go see some tall rocks.---let me tell you, they were tall!!
This is my head with a flower (i was given many) and looking into the back of the car. my cheek is a little, not sun burn....wind burn!!

The kids brought along their new travelers and they had a ball having their pictures taken with them, or setting up a little photo shoot.

I brought Peanut along again. I have been thinking though, that she needs a little poncho and maybe a traveling bag to take along on trips. It was really kind of cold for her so she mostly hid away in little pockets of others. My honey even asked about her (can you even believe it?)
Here she is in front of everyone. Can you see the little dots on the rock above? those are the kids.
Here are all the little monkies all lined up. They are all sooo cute and get a long sooo well.
We raced home on Friday to make it in time for Jerika's Golf leason at 3:30. She made it JUST in time....lucky us. I wouldn't want to forget telling that we came home to: RAIN!!!!!!
We were really racing though away from the camp i think....deep down inside that was what we get far, far, away.
Here, Let me tell you why------There was a BAD bug going around. One showed up Tuesday with it, wednesday another one got it, and then wednesday night ---to get away from the rain, of course--we all piled into anothers trailer (nice and warm), we watched a movie, ate dinner, warmed up--there were 8 kids and 10 adults piled in there. That night one more (from the dinner group) was victom #3 of that BAD bug. We were all thinking we have been infected and we are all going to get it!!! but, alas...not one of us got it!! We left friday and then on Saturday 2 more staying there got the BAD bug. That is really why we were driving sooooooo fast!
Here is the honey showing off. i bet i could get higher ;)
I had planned a quilt night at my house Friday night, but that didn't go over too well. Everyone seemed to be a little busy, so it didn't happen. Luckily though my house was cleaned up and stuff, so i could .....wait......unpack and deal with dirty clothes.....yay :(
I haven't done any real sewing for a little bit. I might beable to squeeze some in today. I have been dealing with girl scouts DAy Camp. Everything is coming together pretty good. I am ordering the shirts and patches this week and they look great. That is kind of exciting. I really feel like i am behind with this project, but i can't move any faster....that is a little irritating. i like things done, figured out and over with. then i can live and when the day comes i am all ready for it. I guess really this is major big scale, so it is going good. I have 90 girls signed up. what fun!!
I have some bad farm animal news---while we were gone one Chicken died. Now don't feel too sorry for the farm sitter. She was informed of this prior to us leaving. This chicken had acted a little funny for a few days, and then she wouldn't walk around so much any more. She would lay on the ground for most of the day. The ever loving Buzz (duck) would go nudge her to get up, then run to the other girls, and then return to nudge some more. At one point he grabbed her on her neck and tried to lift her and drag i put her in her own little area. She didn't eat or drink so i knew she had either found a little rat poison (honey says he cleaned it all up and there wasn't anything left) or she ate some miracle grow in the garden that they sneak into. That is her story.
Then my daughter has 2 litte Modern Game Hens. They are also called "hooker" hens because of thier long legs. hee, hee.... I, being the nice farmer gal, put a little pool into the chicken coop for Buzz. She being small and leggy went swimming ----she didn't know that chickens don't swim--- I feel sooo sorry. we are curently looking for some replacements. Oh---i did dump alot of the water out and made it more shallow. I checked with the surviving hen to make sure it wasn't too deep.
So after a few days of crazy and recovery, things are getting back into normal...whatever that might be..... watering, flowering, gardening, driving, movie-ing, dish-ing, and who knows maybe if i'm lucky a little sewing and quilting.


Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky--glad you had fun--except for rain and wind--welcome to Idaho!! Okay, let's do another quilt night.I'm sure everyone would agree!! I can't come to Main Street tomorrow--camp certification stuff at my house--whaa for me. Have a good day. Julie

10/6/08 10:46 AM  

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