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Dead what? Where? oh, boy

So I thought i would share a little funny with you.

I was speaking to my mom on the phone, walked into the front room...look out the window and see the youngest daughter pacing on the side walk in front of the house. Now, i didn't know that she was outside, so that was a little suprise...but she was wearing just her underwear!! She has natted hair and a dirty face.....There are of course cars passing, they are probably wondering where does that child belong? is she lost? what's the story? locked out?

So i open the front door and say watcha doin? get in the house little girl... trying not to giggle...
She comes in, has this forlorn face and pouty lips and says I killed Jerika's fish.
Just sit on the chair for a minute until i can talk to you...

I am still on the phone with my mom, i have to leave the room and hide in my room to tell her what was just said...we just laughed and laughed.

so i hung up and took care of the greaving daughter in the front room.
Where is the fish? what did you do?
Oh, in the garbage can? (lucky it was easy cleanup) oh, where are it's eyes? it bonked it's head on the glass?
Ok. get dressed and tell Jerika that you will be buying her a new fish today.

Boy, it's only 10:30 am. She is soooooo curious, like in a morbid way. I'm not sure what to do with all that.
Anyways.....i'll post later with some pictures.
not of the fish or the naked pacer!!
Hope everyone has a great day!! I just know i will :)


Blogger Julie said...

Hey, I left you an award on my blog--go get it--looks like a good day to get an award!!! Talk to you later. Julie

24/6/08 2:24 PM  

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