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would you take a look at that-

Would you take a look at that?!! yikes.....
I thought that i would start with a few ---before and afters. I have a good friend Marlyn who does some home organizing help and she needed some smocking help. So before smocking help i had her go upstairs and check out the boys room. It has just gone through a little bit of change.
They were in mini-bunks (small little bunk beds that fit crib matteresses) and have just upgraded to the real deal. --don't tell them they were sleeping on cribs at age 7 1/2 please---
So this lead to of course, the rest of the room. why don't they have space in their drawers? why is the books on the shelf sideways? where did all these teddy's come from?....
After a little bit of coaching and talking, i think i got it. SO, we did a little flush out.
This weather is soooo weird, we haven't been able to get rid of the long sleeves and pants becuase one day- 60 the next-80 so it is nervewrecking!!
I think there is plenty of room now, the box in the closet is gone, the clothes are re-organized, the church clothes have been taken care of....ect. i still have one drawer completely empty in thier dresser. i might move the socks and undies back into it. don't know yet. The books were straightened out and what did i find? a library book!!! i think we have owned that one for a good half a year...if only i can find the other one......anyways.
The beds are nice, the clothes are under control, the books- nice, and wow....doesn't that feel good?
One down another 2 to go.
We got some way cute side tables for our bedroom today, so our room is a little apart also..... pictures later of course.
I do have to share some Flirty Apron News. I got mine in the mail last week!!! It came with some cute julyish napkins. There are no pockets in this baby, but look at the towel hook. i love those---so much better than slinging it over the shoulder.
This one i WON --yay for me!! Look at that ruffle at the bottom!! flirty :)
I really should have taken those photos in the clean kitchen and not the girls room....another yikes.....yikes.
well off to re-do and go-through


Blogger Julie said...

Becky--The room looks great--Marilyn is a hoot. I won something from her blog. The video she did to announce it was so cute--she makes me laugh. I'm ready for some patterns--I think that's what you said you had. Cute aprons, too. talk to you later. Julie

16/6/08 3:47 PM  
Blogger Shawnee said...

It looks like your apron arrived.

26/6/08 8:50 AM  

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