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Long List of Summer Doings

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Long List of Summer Doings

I have been a little "summer" busy. Jerika is going to soccer camp up at the u of u. Fun stuff!! and i have to go and pick her and her friend up every day in the afternoon---i can't imagine doing this on a daily run, like school--

I come home, there are things to do....erands to run....movies to go to that are over crowded and we leave, visitors visiting, dinners to make, faces to wash, fights to squash, houses to sell (i have one in salt lake for 1.2 mil if anyone is interested :) , packages to mail, swaps to swap, and whatever else comes my way!!!!

I did sneak in a little sewing yesterday---i think 30 minutes--- i made my toadstool and of course a little gnome to go with for the toadstool trade.

Last night after the visitors left i sneaked out and went to quilt group. What fun that was!!! There was a great lady ....can't recall the name... who did a little trunk show and showed us how to look at quilts a little differently. She looks at everything now and says to herself "how can i make that block using 2 1/2 inch strips?" C-R_A_Z_Y!!!! let me tell you. She had some wonderful quilts and of course i quickly jotted down a few patterns that were stupendous...... i am having a hard time deciding what to start.
I of course would be the proud owner of only 1 jelly roll, but i think that i can .make my own... and start cutting things into 2 1/2 inch strips to do something scrappy.
Everyone asked her---do you have a book? and she said NO... so we are all left to our own confusing mind of math and 2 1/2 inch strips.
I do have one link to share with this though. She mentioned a pattern and said she got it from Quiltville. Here is her blog-quiltvilles' quips and snips and her website. Scroll down and look at the left side for her free scrappy patterns. they are wonderful!!!

I need to be off doing something from the long list above i am sure-----
Hope everyone has a great day looking at blocks and dreaming of conversions for 2 1/2 inch strips..... i just might try it out... of course after my list is complete


Blogger Julie said...

Wish I could have been there--sound fun. I feel like I'me spinning wheels trying to get things done this summer--my list is long, too. I posted about that in an earlier post though. I saw Angie today at Micheals. She was looking for baskets for a new bookshelf for her craft room. Talk to you soon. Julie

12/6/08 3:00 PM  

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