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Hello My Brodda ---father's day

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Hello My Brodda ---father's day

Got back earlier from a girl scout all-dayer!!! Wow..... first it was to a equestrian stable to ride horses and take a little tour. Pattie was great with the girls and the ones that could handle it rode the horses around the indoor arena by themselves. Not guided or anything. Such trust she had!! I was a little leary about that, but every one of them did very well.

Then we took off and went to lunch at the Mall. Each girl got some money and they had to go buy themselves their own lunch. Funny---there are some real indesisive ones.

Then for their last suprise they went to Teddy Bear Factory. It is similar to Build a Bear. After making their own bears, and chosing an outfit we got loaded up with 11 bears that we can donate to Primary Childrens Hospital. Fun huh?!

After all the girls left I layed on the couch for a minute and took a little rest. Boy, that felt good.

Did i ever show you what i gave the honey for fathers day? I don't think i did. So here it is:
This is "My Broddas Cookbook" (same as my brothers cookbook) spoken with a southern bauiau accent or whatever. My honey has a great brother -Ben-. They get along great and are good friends... so do the wives (that i think is more important). Every once in awhile when they see each other they say "hello my brodda"...we thought it would be fun to make a little cookbook for them.
We took a picture of them together on our last campout for the front ---even little wallets for the side, see it at the bottom :) Then inside we put their favorites in top loaders. This way they can easily put new ones in that they like. Both are very oppinionated and vocal about cooking. (funny- neither cooks) They really do say though--i like this, remember this one, put this where you can find it again....things like that.
The kids drew pictures for the dividers. A.M. and P.M. to keep it easy.
My honey really likes it and he put it with the rest of the cookbooks on the toppest shelf--i obviously don't use it.
Nothing fancy, but i guess thoughtful. He of course purchased for himself a new driver (steel or something special) and a new golf bag (one with the backpack straps for easy carrying).
We have 365 days until next years---better start thinking.....

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Blogger Julie said...

When Bret and his one brother(he has 4, but only does this to the one) see each other they say, "Hello, by brudder"!! I just laughed when I read what your hubby does--must be a brother thing. Julie

18/6/08 5:18 PM  
Blogger Chris Salley said...

did you follow safety wise? :)

18/6/08 8:40 PM  

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