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Meet some new friends

I was over at sister-in-laws home saturday night having fire cooked hot dogs and yummy food for the dogs "Sambo" 1 year birthday party...i know, funny...but we'll go anywhere for a good little party!! anyways- they have a neighbor who has encroched uppon their land, with a huge garden.
Now, before you get all upset because he is in their yard, taking it over, digging, plowing, tilling and whatever else he does with dirt ---it's a good thing. Lucky for me he was out there --triangle hoe in hand staring at his crops. Everyone knows that i always take advantage of knowledgables. (that would be those in knowledge of something that i have an interest in) So, him standing, me chasing him down.......just a few questions for ya ;) and then off i go. 30 minutes later (I ate a cold hotdog for the info) and full of knowledge i came back to enjoy the fire pit and people.

I thought that i would share his knowledge and my new stuff with you. so, come along and meet some new friends.

*First his name is "nolan" ---not really sure if that is his first or his last. Didn't ask. He has a VERY large orchard in Brigham City full of cherries--they froze this year--, and peaches. He also grows a lot of other things to sell. Peppers, squash, pumpkins, and melons.

--this is what i learned:

**pumkins, zuchini, squash and other alike WILL NOT cross pollunate if planting new plants!!! They will if you take the seeds from those plants and plant them again next year.

**Peppers need NITROGEN to grow big. No, they don't really like to sell it (it makes big bombs) so find something with a high nitrogen count and use that. Fertilize it once a week in the water.

**Trough watering is the way to go!! Build a line, fill it with water, voula!

**Cucumber plants don't like to sit in water. They will mildew and die (i know this first hand--many years---duhhh)

**Fertilize your tomatoes when they are around 1 foot tall with a 16-16-16 mix. They love it!

**You can make new grapevines yourself---cut a length off that has at least 4-5 nodes on it. Plant it into the ground making sure there are 2 in the ground. Then water, and watch. Grows quick--will produce in 2-3 years. Of course you can buy them for $5....but just good info anyways.

I don't have any pictures of Nolan or i would share. I do however have a picture of my "best friends". I have many best friends. I have catagories that they go into. This would be my gardening best friends.
From the left---rake, hard one, medium size. Skinny shovel-don't know it's purpose in real life, just know i use it all the time. Lucky charm horse shoe weeder- gets right under those weeds and breaks up dirt great. New friend--everyone welcome her---the triangle hoe. She is better than her name implies ;) She digs beautiful trenches in between the rows of plants.
So here is the new garden. It has been waiting for me to de-weed it for a week or so now. Isn't it nice? I cleaned it all out this morning and dug new trenches for the water to go this evening. I learned this from Nolan. See the big dirt space in the center sort of rightish? let me tell you one more thing: you put a trench on the outer sides. Then the plants next to it. Then in the center you leave for dirt. This is where the plants can lay and grow. No Moldy here baby! As my boys say "ingenious".
So there ya have it. your little garden lesson for the day. I love to do it, but really struggle when it comes down to "doing" it. I love that people are out there (Nolan) who are over flowing with knowledge and love to spill it out. I have my fingers crossed---it will be a good garden year!!
Here are the travelers taking a slide in the afternoon with us.
This was a great great.

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