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sewing day declaration

After not having any sewing time the last few weeks, i declared a sewing day:

I hereby declare that the dates of June ? (can't remember) saturday is an all day sewing day. I will not be making any meals and whatever else for anyone ---good thing we have a soccer dinner party to go to with the kids, and i will not be picking up after anyone. If you need me i will be found in the sewing room, doing what i want for the day!!!

After this announcement i headed up and turned everything on, including the little fan, and off i went!! I made 2 trips out of the house. One was for garage sales.....i found a few small hand embroidered doiles 25Cents each :) and i think that's it on the sewing front. The other trip was for the quilt store---i am the area rep for Utah Quilt Guild and i had some posters that needed to be dropped off to the stores...oh horrible!! I of course had to look at the clearance ($4 a yard!!) and thier piles of $1 fat quarters. so i got a few things--but really i was good. they were for projects that i need to finish.

This is is what i have accomplished in the sewing arena:

I had a piece of fabric (fat quarter) given to me from Marsh, last years Utah Quilt Guild president along with a lovely pink rotary cutter (love it!!!- it's my favorite right now). This is a quilt challenge she staring at it for ...what....6 months now I have finally done something with it. It's a table cloth for outside. I have the front porch thing, with a wrought iron chair and bench. I would like to put just a small table in the middle, and thus need a table cloth. So it is not batted, or quilted. Just enveloped and appliqued. I used the challenge fabric for the butterflys. Now i need a little table to go with it. hee, hee.

I didn't follow a pattern. I looked through some books i had. There is this one:

Very "vintage" i guess. Amy gave it to me when i brought over her pocket people for her. She had 2. I also won a drawing on her blog. Can't wait to see what my little goodies are. This is the quilt pattern:

I think the whole quilt is way cute. Easy to do if you machine around each one and not needle turn.

I needed a couple of coasters for our side tables in the bedroom. My honey keeps using books and stuff, so i thought i'd make some. I used leftover 1/2 square triangles and boardered them. Then cut them on an angle. One is larger than the other. I will pay better attention next time. Oh, they are lined with a thin batting to soak up any drink sweat. Quick, easy, cute.
This here bird is for a swap. Sorry if you are peaking partner!! You will still have to wait until she arrives......Notice that lovely worm she has found? I used a Martha Stewart pattern from her website. Easy to do. Vintage napkin linen fabric, plus cute polka dot green belly. I did put a wool beak in + some wire legs (not on the pattern). She can stand by herself!! Funny.
This top is finally finished (top at least)!!! The 9 blocks are from last years- maybe the year before :( ? quilt group. They are 3 dimentional. Take a look:
Uses a bit more fabric, but they are fun to do. They are not fun to quilt i catch them?, do i avoid them?, or do they accidentily get stuck while quilting and fold over? which one will happen????
I also got my sheets all cut up and ready to go. I am sooooo excited to see what all i get. i know it will be awhile. darn it.
Here is the last thing done:
The spectacular pink pinwheel quilt!! I quilted it and now it is waiting to get bound. I had a "KA-DUH" moment though.... i put it on wrong, so when i got close to the bottom there wasn't enough back!!! so all the pieces got taken off of the rollers, an extention was sewn to the back and then back onto the rollers it went. Then it go finished. Sad thing was it was like 4" that i was missing. Had i turned the top there would have been enough. KA-DUH...
I did some butterflys in the border with little swirls. Then in the pinwheel blocks i did a big flower with a little one inside of it. The blocks with the big flower print in the middle has a big butterfly in it. Over all i love it. oh, then loops in the green border. I am not by any means perfect, but this one turned out great. The pattern for the quilt top is a JAcki Robinson pattern. I do have to share the back:
Normally i don't piece backs, but it was fun. I just might have to do some more of that in the future.
Since 2 kids who sound like barking seals we did not go to church. I am going to work on a few more things. sooooo fun to have a decleration should try it.

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Blogger Julie said...

So, did everyone REALLY leave you alone? I think I will give it a try...still need to finish my star quilt from the class we took--I so want it on the bed THIS summer...your projects are amazing!! You are a speed-demon. Julie

23/6/08 10:25 PM  

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