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whosies--written whatnots: Guess what I got, did and doing...


Guess what I got, did and doing...

Guess what i did this morning? Nothing but good old girl scout stuff. I know it's summer time, but little me is in charge of girl scouts day camp!! yikes, i already said that....a lot.
I have everything pretty much finished up. There are always the little things that need to be done, but for the most part i feel like i am on top of it.....until the next phone call, or email :) had a little meeting this morning....glad it's over.

Guess what i got.....glossy fronts, many pages, lovely patterns....i know you can already see the picture, but i thought i would try. My neighbor friend, known as "Sam's Mom" (that would be the baby sitter, she would be the mom to ....the baby sitter) stopped by for a quick minute to gab and drop off an over load of quilt magazines. yay for me!! Of course they weren't turned down and were quickly gobbled up with the scan through---and then deeper reading will happen at quiet time (that would be after dark, when the kids are asleep)

Guess what i are some hints:
filled a bucket with warm water, dumped some tan rit in it....that's right!! i dyed some fabric!! It's been awhile. I found a piece with a small little dot flowery something on it that i need to line and back the feedsack bags with. I haven't been able to find anything that i like to use (i of course ran out of the first stuff), so i was excited when i spotted it. lucky me.

The picture has the dyed fabric and the sheet i got today to cut up into fat quarters for my vintage sheet trade. i am slowly but surely getting a nice little collection going to send on for the trade.
Look how great some of those are....oooooo...i am excited. i of course couldn't just buy one thing so i stashed 2 little grouping of red little flower something. They might make nice little stuffed somethings in the future.

Guess what else i did---i took the picture to show off my new furniture in my bedroom. Take a look:

Here we have a lovely new shelf with glass fronts that close and keep the dust out!!! i'll take any labor of moving furniture to ensure less work in the future. I have plenty of reading material placed inside with all of the little table quilts folded nicely on the bottom shelf.

And here we have my lovely blurry picture of my lovely new side tables. They are the perfect height for our tall bed, but not tall enough that honey doesn't hit his elbow everytime he turns off the alarm. I took a low picture so you couldn't see the off center pictures above the bed. That definitly needs some tweeking. There is a matching one on the other side---making it a set. nice.

I am feeling like we are growing up a bit. We are upgrading our furniture just a bit and getting rid of --slowly-- those college, junky, boy we've had that wayyyy to long things.

Feels good to be a little grown up.


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