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Is Friday the Weekend?

Boy, today sure felt like a weekend day. Nothing but fun in the sun, a little beach, and wind to make some waves for us. Here is Peanut enjoying a little swing above the water.

We took the family to PineView Dam in Huntsville area today. It was such fun. We packed a lunch, ate it on the picnic blanket, swam a little, built a little, and sunned a little.

Of course we brought along the brother and sister-in-law with us. Who were we supposed to play with? Plus they have seen both of our white bodies before, so nothing new oh, or scary i mean.

The kids had a lot of fun. and i don't think anyone got burnt---yay.

I got a little package in the mail today too. What fun is that!! 2 in a week. It was from an Etsy purchase (really it was free, oh 20 cents) I thought, why not...i'll go for it.
It is a little bit of a pay-it-forward thing. So check out what i got:

1st- this is the outside of the package. how cute is that!! it is stamped all over with different little sayings and stuff. very cute.

I opened it up and viola!! Love the mcalls pattern tissue paper. how fun!! then some paper flowers and all tied up cute.

Here are all the contents. a tag with a ribbon, 3 paper flowers + the large one, a cards with a guy running with scissors--funny, and a card. The man is kissing her arm and she is saying "i think he just licked me".
So now i have to think of something to give away or "sell" for free on my etsy to pay it on. The person buying doesn't know what they are getting so it is really a surprise.

I would do that again. what fun!! I always like a good surprise.

here is my newest sewing thing. i know, i know...i need to get the girl scout day camp stuff done, but really i dream about that every night. i needed some relief.

Yesterday i got this table cloth and a sheet at the D.I. and when i got home and started looking at them i said "hey, they match" so i put them together in a grab it bag. It's for sale in my Etsy shop...go check it out.

I of course used one of the ribbons that i won ---vintage fern drawing, and then added a red bird applique.

Then at 10:30 i thought "i should make one for grandma". So here is hers:

She walkes with a walker and likes her purses to hang off of her wrist. She doesn't carry much, so she doesn't need anything big and elaborate. Plus the one she has is black -with even black rope for the strings. I can't handle it anymore. She is old, but can still look cute. and it is summer for heaven's sake. i put a ribbon and bird on hers too. They are a little high though.....mental attention to that placement.
I was going to do things a little differently, but you know how grandmas are....stuck in their ways. they know what they like and deviate from it. So keep it simple, exaclty like her black one...then there is no excuse not to use it!!!

If that was a weekend day like, what will tomarrow bring?

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Blogger MegandMag said...

very cute stuff indeed. It looks like you are having lots of fun too. Wanted to make sure you are getting our emails so thought we would just check in here too. Did you get your partner email? Thanks, Meg and Mag (Also thanks so much for posting on the swap blog it is so much fun to see what people are up to.)

30/6/08 4:04 PM  

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