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Is Today already July?????YIkes!

So the countdown for Girl Scout Day Camp is here!! It is next monday...what, when, how did that happen soooo fast? Does anyone else think that time is really flying by?

I just thought that i would share the project i am working on. i of course thought that it would be finished by now, but you know how that goes. I got a little side-tracked.
This here is the quilt top:
this is a moda line jelly roll. I took two strips and sewed them together. Then chopped them up and made them into checkerboards. Then just a simple sashing around with orange corners. I can say that this is not my favoritest quilt ever. That is why i think it is 1 year old.
Here is a close up of the fabrics. love them, just not the quilt top.
So I thought that i would try something new. I would find a peice for the back and then quilt-- back to the front.
Here is the back:
I know, i am a little insane...but they are the same colorways, + the patterns is easy to follow (so i thought), and it was on sale--what a surprise!! hee,hee...
I have this baby loaded and have quilted 2 lines of it. It is more quilting that i had really thought it would be, but turning out pretty good. I keep peeking on the under neath to see how it is going. I have never done this before. yikes....
I have the perfect name though: HENS and Checks....funny huh?!
P.s. ---my sidetrack:
Let me tell you, there are very few books that just get to know the type, dream about it, want to read it all the time, can't put it down, it is almost obsessive!! But there is an author.... Stephanie Meyers she is the author of the Twilight series---fabulous. She just came out with another book: The Host oh, my goodness girls......if you don't have enough time, don't get it. it will consume everything!! 700 pages worth!!
Harry Potter does the same to me, but these are about girls and love...but not at all goooshy. Anyone out there read it yet?
P.P.S.--I got an award at Julie blog. I am still thinking about it julie, haven't forgotten or ignored it!! when i get things in order then i will report!! Thanks for that though.
Well, now that i don't have a book to read, i will need to clean, feed the chickens, weed the garden, water the lawn, make dinners, and do some other mom things...............
does anyone else have any other books to suggest? :)

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Blogger Chris Salley said...

Girl Scout camp!!!!!! Yay! Though for me that means 3:00am calls about storms, sick campers, stressed staff but it's all worth it when I get to go to campfire every once in a while and see all of the happy campers!

2/7/08 8:25 PM  

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