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I have Returned!

We are back!!!!!! We survived 7 days in a Winabago with family!!!
We saw all there was to see, plus i am sure some extra. After viewing that many things, and mountains i am now surrounded by my own mountains. Mountains of laundry, snacks, toys, books, magazines, leftovers, lost items, postcards, purchases and whatever else that can be put into a "pile".

I will post later with additional photos.

Tomarrow we are going to the ogden parade in the morning with my family....and then to grandma/pa's house for some sprinkling and barbaque......nice to sit and chat and not worry about the mountains surrounding me. (i am hoping i will get them conquered by the end of today)

Stay tuned for more pictures, some blah...blah....and a little peanut gallery.


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