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Fire Cracker Fire Cracker SISS BOOM BAHHH

We went to some fireworks yesterday up at Weber State University. It is under construction
( i think it is safe to say that the WHOLE state of Utah is) so it wasn't as crowded as it usually is. it was nice.

After going here every year for the past 13 we have FINALLY decided that under the trees just a bit would be the best shady spot. Much better---but we are now behind the big line of cannons. Even the small Chihuaha cannons were heavy and were pulled by rope.

There was a group of people just to the south of us who brought taco shells, fajita name it. We on the other hand had 2 types of rice krispie treats, cookies, name it. here is the brothers daughter---she knows what to do....
Here are the little kids sitting by the edge watching the loading of the cannons. Only one little slip into the 1 foot water....ewwww.... (luckily not mine-brothers-at the far left)
Here's a little funny...there were wrestling going on with the boys, attacking of the nappers, fighting over cookies (how many can i have?), but really the worst.......was my dad.
He brought along a flash light that lit up red, and a powerful red at that. It looks like a laser beam. He sat there during the cannons and such shining this red light on them. Looked like a fuse...the workers were a little ticked and kept on looking around for the culprit. I was really expecting to here "would the person shining the red light---stop" over the intercom or something. Yah....he's with us.
The dark came and we broke out the glow sticks...everyone was delighted

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Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky--I haven't seen your forever. Are you going to Quilt Group? Looks like fun--I like your snacks--my kind of fun!!!

14/7/08 8:34 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Okay, it' supposed to say--I haven't seen you in forever--better check before I publish my comment-HEEHEEHEE. Julie

14/7/08 8:35 PM  

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