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I have survived

Hello, my name is becky, and i have survived being Director of Girl Scout Day Camp!!!

Everyone else says: hello becky, so glad to hear that your back!!

Sorry about that bit of nothing zone. I really have had no energy to do anything. I haven't even looked at others blogs....soooo sad.... But here i am!!!

Had a great 4th of July. of course i got 2 pictures and then the batteries were dead!!
So this is it:

Here are the square pants playing with the cars, and the girls doing our crafty stuff.

This is the art project.

I will definitly be doing a tutorial on this later on this month. no time now. It is sooo cool though, and very easy...takes a little finger rubbing...but pretty easy.
This week i had Girl scout day camp.

Boy was it a bunch of fun and work!! Everything was very well planned by mouai, and i had a lot of mom helpers so it turned out fairly easy for everyone (including me). The people i hired to come teach the girls showed up, taught great stuff, ate lunch, and enjoyed the girls. What a relief!! There were 100 girls and 20 moms per day coming for some good times. Our theme was "Under the big top" I was the Ring Leader...and we had a juggler, yo-yo guy, balloon animal clown, magicians come show us a few things.

I was a bit surprised by how tired i was wednesday after the end. I have taken a few naps and when i go to bed i am out for the count. Today, i finally feel more like doing things. I actually swept and mopped the floors. yay!!!
At the end during lunch they gave me a loaf of cinamon raisin bread, some popcorn, bath stuff and the best: a basket full of notes---one from each girl. They are soooo sweet!! i had a few tears....can you believe!! i think i was tired.... :)

I had no idea they were even writing me things...i was walking around and looking at everyones books even....again, i think i was tired....clueless, maybe just a bit....
Friday all the kids had Birthday parties to go to.
Jerika went to a girl friends art birthday party, so we of course had to make her a marker roll for her art stuff. (lucky i had some new markers just waiting for it---i think that i might have to keep those in stock, just in case). She really liked it too...that is what i heard.

I also made a pink flamingo for another birthday party....sorry no picture....maybe i'll sneak one later to show it off. It is a little goofy, but just right for the 4year old.
Went to a few garage sales today.
There was this one sale that was closing out some scrapbook store. So i picked up a bunch of little buttons, a button shank remover, and a bunch of buttons....lots.

Got some great colors, and sizes. Perfect for little people, animals, or whatnots in the works!!
We are currently getting ready for our trip to Mt. Rushmore!!! We are leaving next week in a rented Winabago with the honeys brother, sister-in-law and the 3 girls. We are all excited!!!
This is what we worked on yesterday. Got a photo copy of the maps (we are crossing over a few states), package of markers, a zipper packett to keep everything in, a glue stick, pen, and a family fun travel photo copy fun book.
We glued the maps (folded) into the note book. Skipped a few pages, added another map....kept going till they were all gone.
The kids can write, draw, or glue any postcards, collections, or whatever their little heart desires into the note book. I think i'll keep them for the year and when we go places do the same, map...add anything they would like. Like a travel log for the year (more like summer).
we found everything at $1 store. sweet. love that cheap prices!!
We will load them up into their little backpack (from girl scout camp) and a water bottle and be on our way each day. I am just a bit jealous.... they are cute and look fun to add too.
ok. that's it for now, i have to take the hair dye out....and catch up on everyone elses news for the last week.

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