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Scrappy Enough??

I need some help/opinion with something.
I had signed up for a scrappy little quilt swap (see side panel)..... i went digging through my drawer with extra/leftover blocks, ect..... and found these 4 blocks.

I sashed them and then thought they were too plain, so i added the ric-rac vine + some leaves and a flower. then thinking everything was a little to bright and stark: see it? too bright huh?! that's what i thought...

I decided to give it a bath in some Tan Rit Dye.
Here it is now:
Much better don't you think?! I do...... But here is what i am having issues with. Is it Scrappy enough? I am getting rid of some blocks and you know whatever.....but it is a scrappy exchange. What do you gals think?! Any opinions?
I will show it off after i get the quilting done on it. Right now it is around 18" square.
So whatcha think?
On a different note. Spent a morning hour ith Grandma. Doing the basics, making boxes, moving others around, labeling like 2 and taking what i would like. :)
So this is what i got:
2 cute sheets, a "lovely" briefcase (she thought i needed that one)---check out the interior of this baby. W-O-W!!
Then i took her jewelry she wasn't taking with her. She is a clip-on earing gal. There are many a sparkly things.....this is great for dress up or playing with.
I also took a stained glass of wheat that she made. I would like to hang it in my window in the kitchen, but it keeps falling off. Need to work on that.
I am currenly working on a sewing kit for a trade too. It is turning out sooooo cute. I will post it when i have finished with everything. I used the pink/yellow flower pattern sheet from grandmas + some vintage buttons. So far i have a pin-cushion, little bag, needle case... i am going to put a few kits to make together....maybe a stuffed animal, x-stitch something with her name... any other suggestions?
Back to the opinion.
Maybe So?
Let me Know!

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Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky---How are ya? You could do a scrappy border--2x3 pieces or even different sizes around the wall-hanging--that is very cute,by-the-way--love the rit dye. Show it when you're finished. Julie

28/7/08 4:13 PM  
Blogger susan said...

ok, i have to admit when you pulled out the dye, i cringed....then i saw how it turned out, and i love it! well me scrappy says i pulled it out of my scraps....did you use scraps to make it?? could they possibly have been scraps at some point?? you know what? it is a great little quilt and i think the recipient will love it, so i dont think it matters! oooo lovin the sheets from gran!! what fun!

29/7/08 12:17 PM  

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